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Rest Query Structure

Question asked by Kim Bendtsen on Sep 17, 2014

Im’ having trouble getting any reasonable query working when querying our custom metadata.

I have uploaded several documents with metadata in the format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<UnitTestMetadata xmlns="" xmlns:i="">

However I’m not able to query a document with a specific id. When using the advanced search in the HCP Search Console. I get the following results:


All gives me no results

+customMetadataContent:UnitTestMetadata. Id.”1ea7622a-8c58-4d97-b857-35de6a0b279d”. Id.UnitTestMetadata
+customMetadataContent: Id."1ea7622a-8c58-4d97-b857-35de6a0b279d".Id

Gives me all document with metadata in the format describes above


Gives me the correct document, however there is no guarantee that the id is not used in other metadata, so I need to specify it to be in “UnitTestMetadata.Id”.

So what am I missing here, shouldn’t I be able to perform query specifying the value to be in the “UnitTestMetadata. Id” tag.