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OpenStack Paris Summit Hitachi Booth Survey Results

Discussion created by Albert Tan Employee on Nov 6, 2014

Bonjour from the Star Alliance lounge.  Doing some number crunching while waiting for my flight home.


We had a great turn out at the Hitachi booth.  Summit attendees were encouraged to filled out a OpenStack survey which included a set of questions about their OpenStack adoption to qualify for the daily GoPro drawing.


Below are some preliminary results based on one of the questions on OpenStack environment, distro.  It's an open-ended question which respondents filled out on a text box.

This is by no mean scientific as probably multiple booth visitors are from the same company, etc.  Nevertheless, it's interesting to see.

Day 1 winner: OpenStack cloud provider in the Czch republic, running Red Hat, Ubuntu with H, I, J all in their labs.  Include both dev ops and production with customers.

Day 2 winner: Social gaming company (like Zynga) using OpenStack based in Russia; production with Ubuntu and Pupplet running Icehouse

Day 3 winner: Telco/mobile company using OpenStack in DevOps and Production; running Ubuntu and RDO

Time to head over to my gate.  More to come later.



Edited (11/9/2014): back home from Paris and got some more updates here:



There are a mix of folks trying out OpenStack, doing DevOps with their engineering environment, quite a bit in production also compare to Atlanta summit.




Lots booth visitors are already on their way to use and contribute to OpenStack.  There are also a few "Evaluator" who are using VMware or Hyper-V are considering OpenStack and playing with DevStack, RDO, Ubuntu, etc.



Cinder, Swift, and Ceph (opensource project but not part of OpenStack) are widely used.  It's interesting to note Ceph is are mentioned more since Atlanta (since RedHat acquired Inktank who support commercial version of Ceph).



Upgradability, Maturity, Stability are common concerns.

It's interesting to note that some folks have no concern because they can just contribute to "fix what's not working".

Lack of skillset and security are mentioned in the "Other" category.  We need to improve our survey next time to include these as default options. I suspect we will see more checkbox here.