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Research for Social Innovation

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Hitachi America, Ltd. R&D announced the opening of a new dedicated research facility, the Global Center for Social Innovation - North America (CSI-North America), for collaborative creation with strategic partners in industry and academia. The new facility, located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, will serve as a dedicated research and collaboration center, and represents the first regional Hitachi R&D center outside of Japan to offer Hitachi’s collaborative creation process to business partners. For details, please refer to the news release link.


              CSI-North America Office Building @ 3315 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054





A main feature of the new facility is the abundant space for collaborative activities. NEXEPERIENCE / Space below is a dedicated room where original tools facilitating collaborative creation can be used. (NEXPERIENCE is a collective noun for the original tools and processes developed to facilitate collaborative creation.)



                                            NEXPERIENCE / Space


At CSI - North America, we hope to explore and discover business opportunities, create new concepts and design business models through in-depth collaboration with customers and partners. The Project Space below is another area to promote open exchange of ideas.


                                     Project Space 


We look forward to working with HDS community members on exciting projects for Social Innovation Business.


Reporter for CSI@Silicon Valley