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The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum (HSIF) 2016 – Santa Clara was held on 15th November in Santa Clara, California. HSIF is a series of events held by Hitachi to introduce its activities through presentations, panel discussions, topical breakout sessions and exhibits with current as well as potential partners, to share perspectives and visions as part of its efforts to promote collaborative creation. The 2016 HSIF series began with HSIF-Myanmar in July, and a total of 16 events will be held in FY2016.


The HSIF 2016 - Santa Clara was a full-day event (Brochure) focusing on research and development. The General Session was held in the morning at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. In the opening remarks, Mr. Nakanishi, Chairman of Hitachi, Ltd. described how we are living in an era of uncertainty, marked by constant change both positive and negative. At the same time, he described how this was also an exciting time due to the remarkable scientific breakthroughs and technological advances offering the potential to transform society. He stressed the importance of open innovation and innovation ecosystems, co-creating with partners to realize shared visions for a brighter future. Dr. Suzuki, CTO of Hitachi, Ltd., then described how Hitachi’s global research organization intended to build on the vision presented by Mr. Nakanishi, stressing the importance of the innovation ecosystem in North America. Dr. Yano, Corporate Chief Scientist from the Research & Development Group of Hitachi, Ltd., spoke on how artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT was already transforming business and stressed that the final outcome of AI should be to increase collective human happiness, giving examples of happiness ties into real world business results.



In the afternoon, approximately 200 guests participated in the Experiential Tour Session held at the Silicon Valley Research Center of the Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation-North America (CSI-NA), and were greeted by Hitachi’s humanoid robot EMIEW3. Researchers presented solutions and demonstrations covering the Hitachi’s Collaborative Creation approach, Public Safety, Connected Car, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Predictive Maintenance, Optimizedlease


Factory and Healthcare, as well as exhibits related to core technology being developed to support the various solutions: AI, Security and Robotics.




Here is the Highlights from the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016 in Santa Clara.





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