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Hannover Messe , one of the world’s leading trade fairs for industrial automation,  was held from April 24 to 28 at Hannover Messe in Germany. Approximately 225,000 people attended the event this year.


Hitachi showcased several OT x IT technologies for enabling smart manufacturing. The demo from Hitachi Research, showcased by the Global Center for Social Innovation-North America (CSI-NA) focused on enabling real-time visibility and intelligence into production line operations. In particular, it addressed issues such as easing the integration of new devices into industrial IoT systems, edge analytics for real-time asset health monitoring, and subscription-based notification services for connecting shop  floor events with appropriate stakeholders. The demo was part of an official Hannover Messe Industrie tour and garnered interest from both manufacturing professionals as well as students.



Apart from showcasing our technology, this year’s participation also provided Hitachi with the opportunity to capture trends in industrial IoT as well as on-the-spot feedback from users and experts. One question that was asked a lot was on Hitachi’s countermeasures to the risk of cyber-physical security attacks in an ultra-connected world, especially in relation to manufacturing plants. Security is a critical issue, and Hitachi is involved in a comprehensive initiative to secure various societal infrastructure within the H-ARC framework. Hitachi is also actively involved in relevant standardization activities. We also received several requests from university students to make our manufacturing testbed open to accelerate research in academia. We are happy to say Hitachi is working with various open innovation forums such as OpenFog Consortium .


The Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) showcased its multipurpose AI technology, where a  robot autonomously “learned” to optimize its actions to achieve a pre-specified outcome without further instructions. The technology impressed customers seeking AI applications to their businesses, and led to many deep discussions on how customer business might be improved with Hitachi AI Technology/H. These discussions suggested that this technology could be a real differentiator for customers, and contribute to accelerating collaborative creation activities with customers in Europe.



Hitachi AI Technology/H demo                                                Humanoid robot EMIEW3 demo


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