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Women in Smart Energy (WISE), a meetup group, was established in the Silicon Valley in December 2017 with the main mission of supporting fellow professionals in their career development and to provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. Although it only kicked off a few months ago, WISE membership already consists of many leading and influential women executives and senior technical leads in the power and energy industry. 


Dr. Bo Yang, leader of Energy team at the Global Center for Social Innovation-North America (CSI-NA), R&D Division, Hitachi America, Ltd., organized the first panel discussion to be held by WISE. The inaugural event was hosted on March 6 at the CSI-NA Silicon Valley Research Center, and the topic of discussion was “Cyber Security.”



Dr. Bo Yang, Energy Team Leader of CSI-NA

Attack surfaces are expanding as response times to threats are shrinking. From hardware to software to policy, what are the appropriate solutions and approaches to reducing cyber risks in the energy sector? The panelists, four cyber security experts from different industry, discussed perspectives on understanding and mitigating these risks in this mission-critical industry sector.


The panel was moderated by Ms. Christine Hertzog, a Senior Technical Advisor for ICT and Cyber Security R/D/D programs at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), who works extensively with utilities on this topic. The panelists discussed philosophy, practical issues and potential fixes of the cyber security challenges for different industry.



Left to right: Christine Hertzog, Valerie Bubb Fenwick, Candace Suh-Lee,  Katrin Jakob and Aditi Hilbert


Panelist Valerie Bubb Fenwick, who currently leads the Security Solutions Engineering team at Intel as the director of Software Engineering, shared lessons from many years of experience in computer security. Panelist Candace Suh-Lee, a Senior Technical Leader - Cyber Security, Power Delivery and Utilization sector at EPRI, who is expert in information and technology security in the energy sector, pointed out the common challenge of seeing cyber security as an after-thought in software design. Panelist Katrin Jakob a Co-Founder to White Hawk Software, shared the importance of protecting mission critical code against code modification and reverse engineering based on many years of experience in R&D project management. Panelist Aditi Hilbert, Head of Product at Runtime, pointed out the necessity of strengthening software testing and standardization of the quality control. Aditi leads Product Management at Runtime, focusing on solving the challenges of securing and managing trillions of constrained IoT devices in industrial, consumer, and medical markets.

   IMG_0219-small.jpgIMG_0220-small.jpg  WISE networking


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Hitachi’s human symbiotic service robot, EMIEW3, was invited to participate in the VIP Halcyon Dialogue Robotics Showcase held on the September 28, 2017. More details could be found on EMIEW3 @ Halcyon Dialogue Robotics Showcase.


The demo video was just published on Hitachi Brand Channel!




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