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Welcome to Hitachi Customer Voices

Blog Post created by Kendra Walsh Employee on Jul 3, 2017

Hitachi Customer Voices

A Place to Share your Experiences and Showcase Your Accomplishments


At Hitachi, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. So, it’s not surprising that we want to recognize, celebrate and share the amazing things our clients – that means you – are doing to innovate and transform their businesses through Hitachi’s enabling solutions. To showcase your accomplishments with the world, we created Hitachi Customer Voices – a community destination where you can interact with and learn from your peers.


It’s easy to get caught up in the daily agenda of delivering excellent work for our organizations. But when we do, we miss the opportunity to revel in our accomplishments – and share them with people who know how hard we work. So, we’ve designed our community site to change that.


We created Hitachi Customer Voices to facilitate connections with your peers and industry experts – to share experiences, gain knowledge and broaden your exposure to the amazing digital transformations taking place all around us. You’re here because you have a unique story to tell and valuable insights to share. And so do your peers.



In addition to facilitating peer-to-peer interactions, we’ll feature informative blogs, insightful videos, fact-filled infographics and other useful content. You’ll see other organizations gain positive brand exposure through a variety of vehicles.


  • See an infographic on Rabobank, a Netherlands-based financial services firm that transformed data governance and compliance while improving continuity and availability.
  • Read a case study on Spin Master, a Canadian children’s toy manufacturer that used analytics to drive revenues, innovation and loyalty with a responsive, secure, integrated data ecosystem.
  • Watch a video on Australia’s Curtin University, and see how its smart campus vision enhances the student experience, improves classroom learning and drives industry collaboration.


We can do the same with your organization. From our perspective, we see customer advocacy as more than case studies about successful technology implementations. We see it as an opportunity to build awareness of your company’s brand in the global business community – and for you to learn from like-minded people at other enterprises.


This community will continuously evolve – just like business does. We want it to reflect what’s happening in global business and to keep you ahead of the curve. But, to ensure the content is fresh and valuable, we need your input.


So, let’s get started. Join a conversation or start one. Ask questions or give answers. Write a blog. Participate in a Q&A. Most of all, share your knowledge with the rest of us – and we’ll do the same with you.


Thanks for being part of our new community. It means a lot to us. We plan to update regularly, so check back often. And let us know what you think.


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