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Broadway Video is a global media and entertainment production company. Launched in 1979, it is in its fourth decade of completing television, film, music, digital and commercial projects.



Staying current and relevant is always top of mind for Broadway Video, and as they continue to expand their support of the latest 4K content and technologies, they are able to deliver original comedic content such as Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyer.



With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Broadway Video offers one-stop tools and talent for editorial, audio, design, color grading, finishing and screening, as well as digital file storage, preparation, aggregation and delivery of digital content across multiple platforms for OTT marketplaces.



To learn more about Broadway Video and how Hitachi has supported them, visit

LAZIOcrea won the 2017 Pentaho Excellence Award in ROI, a category that recognizes the use of Pentaho to make a positive impact on business, society and the planet.


LAZIOcrea supports Regione Lazio, the large region in central Italy that includes Rome and more than 6 million citizens. They have administrative and technical infrastructure services for government programs co-funded by the European Union.

Healthcare costs make up the majority of the regional government’s expenditures. In 2016, Regione Lazio kicked off a groundbreaking project—the first and only project of its kind in Europe—designed to monitor and reduce pharmaceutical drug costs. The region needed to determine which doctors wrote the most prescriptions, the cost associated with these prescriptions and how often the same prescriptions were written.


LAZIOcrea was tasked with creating a single view of data from patients, doctors and pharmacies. There are enormous volumes and varieties of data to be collected and digitized. Each month, 5.5 million prescriptions are written and 11 million prescription barcodes are recorded from 25,000 doctors, 10 health systems, eight hospitals and 1,500 pharmacies.

Working with implementation partner BNova, LAZIOcrea built a Medical Prescription Analysis System using Pentaho Enterprise Edition for the entire data pipeline—from ingestion to blending to visualization. Data can now be extracted easily and viewed and analyzed in new and innovative ways. Future uses for the single view of data include a data lake, machine learning algorithms, and doctor scorecards.


The region now knows, with greater accuracy, the type and frequency of medicine prescribed. There are fewer unnecessary prescriptions—the kinds that often lead to drug abuse. And there is an adequate supply of medicine in emergencies, such as the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 2016.

Not only has pharmaceutical policy improved, costs have decreased dramatically. Prescription drug expenses have shrunk from €162 to €154.8 per citizen since 2014, for a total savings of €43 million. The region now has confidence funds will be in place to cover healthcare expenses for its citizens.


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Brose Revs Its Growth Engine

Posted by cchaffey Employee Nov 23, 2017

Brose Revs Its Growth Engine


Brose is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, employing more than 25,000 people at 60 locations across 23 countries. Its mechatronic systems for doors, seats, electric motors and drives can be found in every second new vehicle around the world.


Director of Information Technology at Brose Group, Frank Martin and Storage Team Lead at Brose Group, Christian Karl, share how Digital Transformation and innovation is leading their growth.

Excerpts from Brose Revs Its Growth Engine Case Study and Infographic


Challenge – Staying competitive.

Frank Martin  “The automotive sector is highly competitive, and as we expand and innovate we need to keep a firm grip on costs. We constantly search for ways to boost operational efficiency: for example, by digitizing and streamlining processes, and taking advantage of internet of things (IoT) technology on our production line. To meet our aims, we are undertaking a massive digital transformation of our operations. 


To embrace the new ways of working, we want to be able to capture, store and analyze more data than ever before. That presents a monumental challenge, because data volumes are rising by 25% year on year..”


Christian Karl – “High availability and fast performance are both essential, as our automotive customers rely on just-insequence manufacturing, and we regularly produce and ship goods at short notice.”




Solution - Flash

Christian Karl “Using Hitachi’s flash modules helps us achieve faster performance and higher storage density to be ready for future growth compared to standard SSD [solid state disk] configurations.”



Frank Martin - “Using leading flash data storage technology from Hitachi Vantara helps us achieve faster performance and higher storage density, in readiness for future growth. Because we can store more data on fewer devices, we have freed up 66% of the rack space consumed by our previous storage infrastructure.”


“To stay ahead of trends and continue to improve our operations, we rely on powerful and flexible storage solutions from Hitachi. With cutting-edge technology from Hitachi, Brose can take the fast lane towards innovation, digital transformation and commercial success.”


Hitachi Customer Voic

This year we recognized six customers for their innovative use of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics to achieve data-driven business outcomes. This blog will recognize ZeniMax Media - the winner in the Big Data category.

The Big Data category recognizes organizations for leveraging Big Data technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL or Spark to overcome their data challenges and create business value.


ZeniMax Media publishes original interactive entertainment content for gaming consoles, computers and handheld/wireless devices. The company operates some of the world’s most acclaimed development studios and creates award-winning video games, including The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein, Prey, The Evil Within and RAGE.

ZeniMax wanted to harness the power of its massive data volumes to gain insights about its customers and improve its operations. But it lacked a single view of its data environment to understand user behavior across games.


Huge quantities of data—roughly 30 to 40 GB of new data generated every 5 minutes, plus 5 years of legacy data—were managed in various silos, including two e-commerce platforms and multiple data repositories across its game studios. The company uses Redshift for data warehousing and a combination of Cloudera in its data centers and Databricks in AWS.

Data from these disparate and fragmented sources had to be manually stitched together to generate a single view needed for data-driven decision making. This cumbersome process consumed too many resources and resulted in fragmented metrics and KPIs.


In 2014, ZeniMax embarked on a mission to create a single view of their data. The company needed a data integration solution that provided flexibility in a complex data environment.

They found that solution in Pentaho Data Integration. The Data Engineering team first created a single view of their data warehouse by populating it with key game and business-focused metrics. The team then established KPIs and created common definitions across all games. Automating SQL workloads freed up data scientists’ time considerably.

ZeniMax now has a better understanding of player behavior and preferences, such why a player stops playing a certain game, which features they prefer, and when and why a player spends money. Ultimately, the company plans to leverage this data to segment players and incentivize them with custom promotional offers which will drive user engagement, improve revenue and greater participation.

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We asked our customers to share their successful outcomes since working with Hitachi.


Here are just a few from across our APAC region in banking, telecoms and manufacturing.


Keep checking back Hitachi Customer Voices for more customer success from around the globe.



Japan Post Bank

A major Japanese financial institution, aimed to maintain stable system performance and to provide optimal service to its customers.  With Hitachi Flash the bank eliminated drops in processing performance caused by dramatic increases in the volume of data being processed and improved performance for online and batch processing.


Read the full case study here


Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom)

Established in 2002, Shandong Telecom is the largest fixed-line service and the third largest mobile telecommunications provider in China.  For greater data security and to manage rapid growth of unstructured data, Shandong Telekom implemented Hitachi Data Protection and Object Store solutions.


Read the full case study here


PI Industries

PI Industries Ltd (PI), a pioneer of agro-chemical manufacturing in India, is the leading manufacturer of agricultural fertilizers in the country. To support rapid growth and meet performance demand, PI Industries implemented an enterprise-class SAP HANA, supported by Hitachi and Brocade solutions.


Read the full case study and infographic here

Part of a global company, itelligence Nordic provides SAP support, management and consultancy to some of the largest businesses in the Nordics.  We spoke with itelligence Nordic’s Sales Manager for Managed Services, and their Director of IT Infrastructure.


Challenge - Switching to SAP HANA

Sales Manager for Managed Services: “In recent years’ demand for managed SAP services has grown dramatically, particularly with the arrival of SAP HANA.  In fact, 50% of our hosting pipeline is based on clients choosing to migrate to SAP HANA.  We fully expect that to increase as SAP reduces support for SAP applications running on other platforms.”


Director of IT Infrastructure: “Many companies are under pressure to reduce operating costs for business-critical SAP applications. Fewer and fewer companies wanted to put up with the cost and hassle of managing the underlying IT infrastructure themselves, and this was preventing them from making a positive decision to switch to HANA...”



Solution - Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA

Director of IT Infrastructure: It’s like playing with Lego!  We can add blocks to clients’ systems in as little as 10 to 15 minutes and just keeping adding blocks until the environment reaches the maximum memory limit as imposed by SAP.  Above that limit, and without the introduction of proprietary multi-socket extensions, SAP requires the environment to be a scale-out solution, as opposed to scale-up solution.  The beauty of UCP is that we can use the same building blocks to support both scale-up and scale-out SAP HANA environments, enabling us to support clients as they grow.”


Outcomes - Delivering Stellar Services to Customers

Director of IT Infrastructure: “Running SAP HANA on Hitachi UCP enables intelligence to offer truly pay-as-you-grow services, which is a real deal-winner for clients.”


Sales Manager for Managed Services: “Thanks to the flexibility of the UCP solution, we can deliver exactly what our clients want, increase satisfaction and keep ahead of the competition.”


Excerpts from: itelligence Nordic Delivers on Client Demands for Stellar SAP Services with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform.