Customers Share Stories on Smart Cities, IoT, Public Safety

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We asked some of our Smart City, IoT and Public Safety customers to share their success stories  See below for more on City of Las Vegas, Curtin University, New York Waterways Security Centres International and Moreno Valley, California..




Learn how Michael Sherwood, director of technology innovation for the City of Las Vegas, has helped the city create a program of innovation that benefits residents, visitors, local businesses and internal operations to make Las Vegas a smart city. You’ll hear examples of new technology being tested or proposed in the city’s innovation district so that the right technologies can be scaled out to the rest of the city. You’ll also hear how Sherwood has created a program that allows the types of rapid innovation that will help Las Vegas adapt to a changing world and help the community thrive.

Case Study - Smart City with a Smart Economy : Social Innovation : Hitachi

BrightTalk Presentation - How Las Vegas Is a Smarter City With IoT



Hitachi’s Internet-of-Things-based smart city solutions provide a more secure and efficient transportation service by collecting a variety of data from sensors and live video. It helps the ferry operators gain situational awareness and insight for smarter operations. Hitachi provides intelligent and innovative solutions to help make city life safer and smarter, so communities can thrive.

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Curtin has over 60,000 students and is Western Australia's largest and most culturally diverse university. See how Curtin plans to improve the student experience and enhance education using data and analytics.

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See how Hitachi IoT solutions help to enhance safety in the Caribbean with a fully integrated security platform that enables real-time video intelligence and communications, improves police service efficiency and allows for more proactive and preventive intervention.

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Moreno Valley, California, overcame an increasingly common challenge: protecting its community on a shrinking budget with the strategic use of technology. The city chose Hitachi to collaborate with public and private entities and build an innovative, effective and very popular video surveillance system.

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