To Space Pole and Beyond!

Blog Post created by cchaffey Employee on Mar 7, 2018

Three Belgian Science Institutes Accelerate Data Delivery After Discovering Hitachi Vantara


What is discovery but the realization of what has always been there? For three Belgian organizations at the research forefront of weather, climate, Earth and beyond, discovery is the daily mission. 


The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy and the Royal Observatory of Belgium collaborate as the Belgian Science Policy’s space hub, aka Space Pole. The Belgian Science Policy provides the interface between the research world and partnering countries and institutions. Space Pole engages more than 500 scientists, Ph.D. students and administrative staff.


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Leading research partners around the world — and around the clock — rely on Space Pole data to deepen their understanding of our universe. Massive data volumes are generated, processed and analyzed to support further exploration across the space sciences. Unfortunately, Space Pole’s continual data growth and subsequent storage were becoming untenable and costly, jeopardizing computing capacity and performance.


Discover how Space Pole implemented  an Hitachi storage architecture to boost data access and relevancy, slash costs by 50% and supply stellar business insights to partners.


“For us, 24/7 availability is a must, and we simply cannot afford to lose instrument data from cutting-edge satellite missions and scientific experiments. The Hitachi solution gives us the reliable storage we need.”


— Johan Bulcke, IT Manager, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy