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CPFL Energia's Success Powers Positive Brand Exposure

Blog Post created by Kendra Walsh Employee on Mar 13, 2018

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You could say that Brazilian energy company CPFL Energia is on a power trip – but one that benefits everyone it serves. CPFL provides power to over 9 million consumers as well as hospitals, traffic systems and other municipal organizations. To keep pace with growing demands for power, CPFL initiated a digital transformation program and converted their operations to an intelligent power distribution network with the Hitachi smart grid universe.


Today, CPFL has one of the most up-to-date, automated electricity network databases in the industry, allowing it to identify and deliver programs that drive positive results for both customers and stakeholders. CPFL invests in projects that improve the quality of life and promote the socio-environmental development of the communities it serves.


Globally, enterprises are interested in learning more about CPFL’s inspirational story and gaining insights from its digital transformation. But delivering a more efficient energy program and sharing its success in an effective manner are two different things. Here’s how CPFL shared its story, gained industry recognition, and garnered additional value for the company through a well-planned customer advocacy program.


1) Networking Opportunities

CPFL shares its experience as a Hitachi ambassador with other energy companies. The “More agility to service electric consumers” case study demonstrates how the company’s increased agility in data processing improves customer service and worker safety. Read the Portuguese-language case study


CPFL also receives invitations to share its story at events such as the Flash Memory Summit 2017, where Marcio Felix, Information Technology and Security Manager at CPFL, presented a session with Hitachi. View the presentation


2) Gaining Visibility

The company remains visible with initiatives such as the “CPFL in Schools” project that encourages conscious energy consumption. Read the press release (Portuguese).


CPFL also gained visibility through significant social media coverage of its transformation journey to provide high-quality services and safety for their customers.


  • Hitachi LinkedIn post featuring CPFL’s successful transformation received 26,000+ views, making it the most popular Hitachi post of the summer.
  • Hitachi Facebook post featuring CPFL success story garnered 5 times more views than an average Hitachi post.


3) Being Recognized

Good work often gets rewarded. CPFL was nominated for the Hitachi Transformation Award, which resulted in additional exposure for the company, including:


4) Inspiring Others

What goes around, comes around. By sharing its transformation journey and the benefits of a smart grid universe, CPFL shows other organizations how they can drive positive change for the business, customers and society as whole. The company inspires its employees and peers by investing in projects such as their Efficient Communities Program to promote smart energy consumption to customers.


5) Motivating Its Team

You’ve heard the phrase, “All for one and one for all.” CPFL actually walks the talk. Announcing successful project outcomes is an easy and effective way to promote awareness of your team’s efforts, reinforce the value of team members and keep employees motivated. CPFL proudly acknowledged its team’s success, and now they are eager to tackle the next challenge.


Hitachi Vantara Customer Advocacy Program

At Hitachi Vantara, we help companies like CPFL Energia receive the recognition they deserve with a customer advocacy program that goes beyond case studies to sharing successes, building brand awareness and more. By sharing transformation experiences, your organization can help others understand the challenges and benefits of innovative technologies, while building awareness of your organization in the global business community.


Don’t hold back your digital transformation success. We’ve helped many companies gain positive brand exposure with informative case studies, videos and infographics – and we can do the same for your organization.


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