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It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we presented our first Hitachi Transformation Awards. During that time, it’s been exciting to watch our customers find new ways to drive transformation and innovation and achieve amazing business outcomes. Our Transformation Award winners are leading their industries, with the support of Hitachi Group solutions, in innovative transformations that create new benchmarks for success.


The Hitachi Transformation Awards honor our customers and showcase their unique journeys to the business community – and the world. We solicit nominations from across the globe, including success stories from manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, retail, financial organizations and more.


This year’s Transformation Awards were given in three categories: Enterprise Transformation, Excellence in IoT and Social Innovation. Each of the winners has leveraged data as a strategic advantage to transform business models, improve user experiences, spur innovation and drive operational performance to new heights.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Hitachi Transformation Awards: NASA Johnson Space Center, State of Andhra Pradesh Real Time Governance Center and Smart Payments by Nets.


2018 People’s Choice Award

Click here to watch videos of the 2018 Transformation Award winners, and cast your vote for the one that most inspires you. Then join us at Hitachi NEXT 2018 to find out who the winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Award will be.


Enterprise Transformation: For innovation across an enterprise that future-proofs the business

NASA Johnson Space Center

An independent agency of the United States government, NASA is responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. As a critical part of the larger NASA mission, the Johnson Space Center is home to the astronaut corps, mission control, and the Orion, Commercial Crew and International Space Station programs. With a wide reach of responsibilities, the Johnson Space Center generates significant data sets, which include the imagery downlinked from the space station. Looking to evolve to a cloud-based storage architecture, Johnson partnered with Hitachi Vantara to design and implement a uniquely complex digital repository for mission imagery. The hybrid system provides a long-life repository that enables instant access from authorized users around the world – a good fit for the space station program and its many international partners.


Excellence in IoT: For the most effective data analytics that drive the most measurable outcomes

State of Andhra Pradesh Real Time Governance Center

With a people-first motto, the government of Andhra Pradesh strives to provide an agile and efficient public service delivery system benefitting nearly 50 million citizens in a 360-degree life cycle approach through its Real Time Governance (RTG) initiative. With the help of Real Time Governance, Andhra Pradesh can now leverage technology services to swiftly resolve citizen grievances and monitor infrastructure projects, incidents, weather and climatic events across the state in real time. RTG is able to analyze big data sets gathered from various sources with the help of Hitachi to make insightful decisions that vibrantly transform citizen services. Keeping technology in its mind and citizen centricity in its heart, Real Time Governance is set to revolutionize governance in Andhra Pradesh, catalyzing government operations to create a safer, more efficient and sustainable society.


Social Innovation: For the greatest benefits to business and society through digitalization

Smart Payments by Nets

Smart Payments, a specialized innovations business unit founded by leading European digital payments provider Nets and headquartered in Denmark, aims to be at the forefront of payment innovation and create value for their customers by leveraging emerging technologies in designing the payment experiences of tomorrow. In the pursuit of creating an easier tomorrow for their customers, Smart Payments by Nets partnered with Hitachi to co-create advanced, next-generation payment solutions. Using biometric technologies, Smart Payments by Nets and Hitachi created a payment solution that instantly scans a user’s finger vein patterns and links them to the user’s domestic debit card, Dankort, providing a fast, convenient and secure way to pay. Smart Payments by Nets works to make radical payment innovation that impacts people’s everyday lives.


In addition to our three winners, Hitachi also recognizes three Honorable Mentions for their stories of transformation using Hitachi solutions. The 2018 Transformation Award Honorable Mentions are:


Deluxe: A financial services and small business marketing company, Deluxe can now better manage costs and achieve efficient destination targets using a world-leading, managed-services cloud ecosystem.


City of Las Vegas: The City of Las Vegas is working with Hitachi Vantara to create a new, dynamic, connected city to fuel innovation, efficiency and new ways of government to better the experience of the city for residents, businesses and visitors.


PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero): PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero), one of the state-owned enterprises engaged in airport services and airport-related services in the western part of Indonesia, uses video analytics to improve operational management, increase awareness and provide an excellent customer experience for over 100 million passengers annually.


Congratulations to all our 2018 Transformation Award winners and Honorable Mentions. These companies’ innovations demonstrate the vision of their leadership and the transformational capabilities of Hitachi solutions. We recognize and acknowledge the substantial business outcomes that each of these organizations has achieved – and we celebrate the innovation they inspire in the business community and the world.


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FNZ is growing big and growing fast. CIO Caroline Abbondanza, discusses her strategic plans to make expansion more efficient.


To find out more about FNZ and how it is reducing costs and supporting growth with Hitachi solutions, visit:


Tell us about FNZ

“FNZ is a global fintech company, headquartered in London. We partner with major financial institutions to provide multi-channel wealth management services to their customers. We want our customers to be market leaders, and to do that we need to support them with stable, secure and scalable technology. This is especially important as we’re processing over £200 billion in assets per annum, and expect this to increase to more than £300 billion by 2019. We’ve got approximately 2.4 million end-customers, and that number’s growing all the time. To make sure our customers are still getting a fast and seamless experience, we need to ensure our technology is dynamic and scalable too.”



What challenges is this growth creating?

“When we onboard a new customer to our wealth management platform they bring a lot of data with them, and it’s important we get them up and running quickly and securely. Our previous storage management model was reactive – we purchased more storage when we predicted we’d need it, but that meant it was inefficient and costly! To keep up with rapid growth, we decided to move to a storage-as-a-service model, so we’re no longer paying for more capacity than we're actually using.”


Why did you decide to take a storage-as-a-service approach?

“It’s important that we focus on our core business of wealth management systems – we’re not experts in storage. By working with Hitachi, we can leverage their storage experience and free up our own people for more strategic projects. With additional capacity available more or less on demand, we can also onboard new customers more quickly and stay competitive. The cost saving is staggering too – the service will enable us to reduce storage costs by 50% over the next five years. In fact, we’re now looking at adding backup-as-a-service too, which could potentially save us 23% of our backup spend over five years.”


How do you select the right partners?

“When I came into this role I reviewed our vendors to ensure we had the best strategic partners for our business. It’s quite common for CIOs to end up with hundreds of suppliers to deliver the technology landscape, but I wanted to invest in a small number of strategic partnerships. I think it’s better for both parties if you have a relationship you can build on and invest in. I look for partners who have a leading edge products and the flexibility to deliver on our business objectives, not just to provide IT.”


How would you summarize your relationship with Hitachi Vantara?

So far, I’ve been really impressed by the commercial flexibility and the consistency of the team – often it can feel like a revolving door of faces with teams constantly changing and never really getting to know your business. The team at Hitachi gives me confidence that we can build a strategic partnership together and that they’re committed to making our plans a success.




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