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Jim Livingston, CTO, University of Utah.

Juggling different priorities, protecting patient care, balancing costs with value…Jim Livingston talks to us about the unique challenges of working in IT in the healthcare sector. And explains how innovation and carefully selected partners are vital to meeting the needs of patients and care providers.


What is your mission?

Our mission is really to provide the best quality care that we can. We want patients to feel that they're receiving the best care they can possibly get. That's why we've been in the top ten for quality for more than ten years.



What is unique about working in IT in the healthcare sector?

It's a unique environment because patient lives are actually affected by IT - downtimes can prevent providers from giving care. We are also a university, an academic medical center, so we do a lot of research. We're probably one of the most complex types of organizations that you can find out there! And because of that, our IT needs are very diverse and priorities are very different on the healthcare side than on the academic side. Keeping up with those priorities is a challenge and that's where innovation really comes into play.


Can you give an example of a recent innovation?

We were one of the first in the country to allow our patients to rate our care providers and transparently publish care provider ratings. We created a web-based solution called 'Find a doc', where a patient can go to our website and see a list of providers and where they practice so they can select one close to them. But the really cool thing about this solution is that we allow our patients to post comments and rate care providers. Just like an online retailer type of experience where a customer can see product rating and customer comments, we do the same thing with our providers to help guide patients to the one that best meets their needs. It was a bit of a cultural change for our organization but has been enthusiastically embraced because it sets us apart from others in our sector.


How is IT helping the University of Utah to achieve its mission?

We are helping in many different ways. One of the interesting things that we've been able to do is keep our budget flat for years even though we’ve seen significant growth. We do that through innovative solutions where we look to deliver best value but also agility and make sure IT isn’t a roadblock but an enabler.


How has partnering with Hitachi helped you in your role?

We’ve been working with Hitachi for more than 15 years and they deliver the reliability, performance and the innovation that we need. Hitachi gives us greater capabilities at a lower cost, which helps us to stay ahead of the technology curve.

The other unique aspect about working with Hitachi is that they really help us look at our services from an outside perspective and to be more agile in how we provide them. They care as much about this partnership as we do and in making sure they're delivering the best solutions and the best value that they possibly can.

As the digital world continues to become more complex, our customers are faced with constant change and flux within the industry from managing complex systems and processes, to addressing changing consumer demands and operational inefficiencies. In order to tackle these challenges, companies are modernizing their data center to support that rapid change while bridging traditional operations with agile innovation.


What is Data Center Modernization?


Data center modernization is critical to an organization’s needs and requirements to be more agile and competitive in the marketplace.



After surveying 1,400 customers through TechValidate, some of the key challenges our customers said they are faced with include complex systems and inconsistent performance. 83 % of our respondents also stated that what drove the decision to purchase Hitachi was because of the increased performance of our data infrastructure.  With increased performance, customers are able to move faster and adapt to the ever-changing environment they are faced with.


Hitachi delivers solutions with high performance and enterprise reliability, enabling our customers to have more operational efficiency while continuing to address and adapt any challenges they are faced with.


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By Glen Lomond, Global Solutions Architect at Hitachi Vantara


Making data storage and management simple, yet powerful is the cornerstone of ThinkOn’s business. Based in Toronto as an Hitachi Cloud Service Provider partner, this wholesale provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers innovative data solutions to a variety of value-added resellers and telecom providers – who resell ThinkOn services to enterprise and midsized customers across a variety of industries.


Challenge – Deliver wholesale cloud-based data solutions


As ThinkOn’s customers grapple with soaring volumes of unstructured data, the ability to manage and archive this data is key. These companies need solutions to help them retain older data to meet regulatory compliance needs, access that data for future business initiatives – and above all else – ensure the data is secure. “At the end of the day, there’s one thing you have to fully commit to: minimizing risk of destruction of customer data,” says Craig McLellan, CEO of ThinkOn. “That’s really what this is about – providing our customer with a rock-solid guarantee that their data is safe.”


Solution – Gain security and freedom in one solution


ThinkOn deployed Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), a cloud object platform that enables companies to store, share, sync, protect, and retrieve file data from a single system. HCP tackles exponential data growth and bridges traditional and emerging technologies to protect data while keeping it available anywhere, anytime. “Over time, we discovered that as an object store it has so many qualities that allow us to stand out over the alternatives,” says McLellan. “We continue to see advantages in HCP that other solutions don’t have. It’s an ideal long-term platform for us.”


Outcomes – Future ready with a scalable and secure solution


The value of HCP to ThinkOn include benefits to their bottom-line through cost savings and to their top-line through incremental revenue growth.

  • First, with its powerful intelligence and automation, HCP delivers digital transformation dividends to ThinkOn’s IT staff by simplifying the provisioning process, driving cost efficiencies out of its infrastructure and improving utilization to 100%. “When there are issues, we see a high degree of ownership and collaboration from Hitachi,” said McLellan. “It all goes back to Hitachi’s heritage of being such a strong, technically competent organization. There is a level of collaboration that we just love.”Second, HCP provides a foundation for building Object Storage-based solutions.  As a result, ThinkOn has been able to incrementally monetize the potential of HCP by developing several as-a-service offerings that include Data Storage, Disaster Recovery and Backup. So what’s next – leveraging HCP for a new level of services focused around Analytics and IoT.


The result - simple, scalable, value-add.

Download the full case study, ThinkOn—Where Data Thrives Using Intelligent, Scalable Object Storage From Hitachi Vantara

ThinkOn - YouTube

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Broadway Video is a global media and entertainment production company. Launched in 1979, it is in its fourth decade of completing television, film, music, digital and commercial projects.



Staying current and relevant is always top of mind for Broadway Video, and as they continue to expand their support of the latest 4K content and technologies, they are able to deliver original comedic content such as Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyer.



With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Broadway Video offers one-stop tools and talent for editorial, audio, design, color grading, finishing and screening, as well as digital file storage, preparation, aggregation and delivery of digital content across multiple platforms for OTT marketplaces.



To learn more about Broadway Video and how Hitachi has supported them, visit