Alejandro Lineiro

HCI tools for analyzing capacity consumed by HCP versions

Blog Post created by Alejandro Lineiro Employee on Jul 25, 2018

Hi everybody,


I've been cooking a couple of tools to try to analyze the capacity consumed by live and backup object versions in HCP using Content Intelligence.


What I have managed to obtain so far works like this:

The first tool is a stage plugin that calculates the total size of all versions of the object:

And the second tool is a python script that uses the data obtained above to generate a report with the size of active and backup versions aggregated by the field of your choice (so you can obtain the capacity consumption of, for example, each namespace, as seen here:)
The script output is a CSV report with that day's date so you can automate its execution so that it gives you reports each week, for example.


You can find the source code, plugin and python script here:


This is all super early concept for a PoC, so I would appreciate any tips/advices/suggestions/corrections you have.


There are some things that I'm still not sure about, specifically:


  • Can I access the authentication token in the HCP connector from inside the stage? If I could do that I wouldn't have to configure the auth token in the stage configuration.
  • Is the SOLR stats functionality expected to be added to the HCI Search API in the future (or was it already added and I didn't realize)? It's what I'm using provisionally for the PoC in the python script at the moment, but I would like to rewrite it to use the HCI Search API, if possible.


Thank you in advance!


EDIT 26/07/18 - Updated plugin and source code, modifying the authorization settings as suggested by Yury. Thanks again for the tip!