Ken Wood

Big Data Day 2013 Event A Huge Success

Blog Post created by Ken Wood Employee on Aug 10, 2013

Big Data Day 2013 (formally 2nd Big Data Day) provided sneak GreenMatrixSneakyEyePeek.pngpeeks at projects and solutions being developed and/or in deployment by HDS was held here at the HDS’ Santa Clara Headquarters Tuesday Aug. 6th. This internal event showcased several HDS projects and solutions targeting Big Data analytics with presentations and lots of live demonstrations.


By my count, there was approximately 140-ish people simultaneously experiencing this event in the conference room or connected online. There were many people wanting to join in, but because of worldwide time zones, they will catch-up with the recorded versions of this event.


The half-day agenda included both information transfer and internal development projects of activities within HDS driving towards the analysis of Big Data. The purpose of Big Data Day 2013 was to share with HDS internal people the work being done by HDS in the area of analytics and how we are addressing our customer’s newest and most challenging problems, Big Data. Here is a redacted version of the Big Data Day 2013 agenda.


  • Welcome and Introduction (5 min) – Ken Wood HDS


  • Introduction to Project Xoxox (35 min) – Ken Wood HDS

Advance sneak peek at a converged analytic platform using Hitachi technology for Big Data analysis with workflow & data flow optimization.


  • Big Data Analytics (45 min) – Aloke Guha Ph.D, HDS

Actionable analytics from ingestion to data at rest … the text analytics scenario.


Content analysis of audio data using key term frequency analysis.


  • Introduction of XOXoox (45 min) – Donna Yobs, HDS, David Hartman, HDS

Converged compute and storage with Big Data Analytics.


Visualization Analytics demonstration from major customer and log file analysis demonstration from either HDS Cloud or MSS SOC.


The Big Data challenge of the North Dakota Bakken oil field and forecasting well output and production costs.




Sorry, these projects are still under NDA, but feel free to contact us and we can discuss them with you. From left to BDDay2013Team.jpgright the presenters at Big Data Day 2013, Aloke Guha Matthew O'Keefe Ashok Nirsoe Donna Yobs, Ameya Mahajan David Hartman and yours truly Ken Wood


Big Data Day 2013 was brought together by the new Global Office of Technology and Planning. Next year’s agenda is already in the planning and we look forward to bringing together an even bigger event.