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Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Jul 10, 2015

For a very long time Hitachi has spent lots of quality time with our customers.  Our aim is to deeply understand what they want to see in our products, solutions and services.  This of course complements activities which we sponsor and consume from noted industry analysts and outside firms.  However, we find that nothing works better than bringing a team of Planners, Product Managers, Researchers and Engineers to hear directly and for themselves.  Our innovations in the area of Customer Insights aren't static and are progressing both by reaching back into the more than a decade's worth of content as well as projecting forward.


For instance Ken Wood 's post entitled "Nothing Too Fancy, But Surprisingly Useful" illustrates how we're leveraging Pentaho to breathe new life to our Customer Study collateral.  Additionally, we've been leveraging Internet tools, like Polling on the HDS Community and soon commodity survey tools, to get a better handle on how we should make our interviews more effective.  In fact Divining Systems Management Futures, The future of Unified storage is..., Beyond Unified Storage..., and the Who Uses "R" Poll all represent what we're calling Iteration 0 (zero) in our Customer Study program and are examples of using the HDS Community.  This zeroth iteration essentially allows us to broaden inputs, refine the scope of the interview materials, and more generally tell us if we're close or off base.  To that end I'd like to point you all to some recent activity that we're pursuing with our new Pentaho colleagues: Predictive Analytics Directions...


In this survey we're preparing the groundwork for deeper discussions with customers around what they need in the era of Advanced Analytics especially with a focus on Predictive Analytics.  Obviously, this part of the study is merely the zeroth iteration so our guiding materials for the interview are deeper and more comprehensive.  So if you have a chance please fill out the survey and if you'd like to participate in the broader study please drop us a comment on this blog, send me or Ken a Tweet, or reach out to your Friendly Neighborhood Pentaho contact.