• Innovating in Uncertain Times

    INTRODUCTION At the top of the headlines, ahead of Brexit, is Mr. Trump's ascendency from Candidate Trump to President Elect Trump.  However, hidden below these headlines are older news threads and data below th...
    Michael Hay
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  • Can Application to LUN Zoning defeat ransomware?

    Traditionally Fiber channel networks have been considered more secure than Ethernet networks. This is owing to the fact that it is hard to snoop traffic on a fiber channel network since one needs a tap to analyze traf...
  • Hitachi’s Ising Computer

    What do complex social infrastructure systems and Artificial Intelligence systems have in common? They both impose enormous and expanding computational loads. Given enough time and resources these computational loads ...
    Karl Kohlmoos
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  • Kubernetes: The Data Center is Evolving

    It's been well over a decade since the broad adoption of virtualization technologies transformed the data center. In a relatively short period of time, we have transitioned the management of under-utilized server reso...
    Greg Knieriemen
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  • Model driven machine executable regulatory reporting TechSprint!

    Posted by Nirvana Farhadi  Nov 20, 2017     Today heralds a historic day for us at Hitachi Vantara! We are extremely honored to be hosting and strategically collaborating with the FCA (Financial Conduct...
    Nirvana Farhadi
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  • Statistical Analysis as Consultants Part I: Percentiles and Map

    A client recently asked me if I could develop a report which analyzes the primary and secondary area of their business. I told her if she could elaborate the meanings of "primary" and "secondary" markets, I would be g...
    David Huh
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  • Can financial services survive without containers?

    Containers have been fueling the full-stack development implementation in webscale companies for a number of years now. Financial services being risk adverse are typically slow to jump on new trends, but have started ...
    Casey O'Mara
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  • Implementing Open Banking APIs, PSD2 and More

    European banks will need to have Open Banking APIs in place by January 2018. This whiteboard video explains how to enable your API platform and keep existing systems safe.   Open banking APIs have become a f...
    Tony Reid
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  • Sweating the Details and Innovation

    As a brand and as a company, Hitachi is known for building high-quality solutions – from proton beam therapy and high-speed, mass transit bullet trains to water-treatment offerings and artificial intelligence (A...
    Michael Hay
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  • Securing IoT Data with Pentaho's MQTT Plugin

      Pentaho Labs’ MQTT Blog 2 of 3 Methods for Securing Your IoT Data by Ken Wood     Digital security is on everyone’s minds. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), the security...
    Ken Wood
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  • Niv's Notes: Why RegTech is set to transform compliance and regulation in financial services

      The regulatory burdens placed on financial services organisations has reached unprecedented levels.  From data security and access with GDPR to investor protection and the various themes in MiFID II/MiFIR,...
    Nirvana Farhadi
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  • The Next Industrial Revolution is upon us in IoT, are you ready for the DATA Explosion?

    Last week I visited Hannover Messe, the world’s largest Industrial Automation & IoT Exhibition for the first time and I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of the event. With 225,000 v...
    Nick Laurence
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  • Help! Thinking Differently

      Help! The Beatles said it best. We'll come back to that later.   Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm wakes me up and the sudden realisation sets in. Like many other money savvy 20 somethings a calendar reminder o...
    Scott Ross
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  • Why Digital Transformation must be a strategic priority in 2017

    Why Digital Transformation must be a strategic priority in 2017   It’s with good reason that Digital Transformation has become the latest watchword in our industry; organisations across the world are final...
    Richard Phillips
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  • Oil and Gas - A Case for Edge Cloud?

    Last week my team hosted an exciting event at the Four Seasons in Houston, TX progressing our efforts in this vertical.  It was an event that mixed users, partners and customers plus the many faces of Hitachi....
    Michael Hay
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  • Data is the New Oil

    There are at least 20 terms today that describe something that was once called Decision Support (more than 30 years ago). Using computers to make fact based intelligent decisions has continually been a noble goal for ...
    Harry Zimmer
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  • Helping Companies Win at Digital Transformation

    In Superman 30, the Man of Steel theorises that the latest incarnation of his enemy Doomsday, emits so much energy that when he emerged he boiled the ocean. Not an easy task, even for a super villain; and certainly ou...
    Bob Plumridge
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  • Hitachi Data Systems Works with Maxeler Technologies

    In the post that Shmuel and I published last month (The Many Core Phenomena) at the end we hinted about some upcoming news. Hitachi has demonstrated a functional prototype running with HNAS and VSP to capture finance ...
    Michael Hay
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  • Will Cloud Computing Survive the Internet of Things? (The Force of Internet of Things)

    The world includes hundreds of millions of interconnected devices or things.  These things range from handheld mobile platforms to systems that will observe the universe.  At a coarse level this is what the ...
    Michael Hay
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  • The Many Core Phenomena

    Introduction Have you ever started an effort to push something, figure out it is like pushing a rope, pause, and then realize someone else picked it up and is pulling you instead?  Well, that is what F1 (not the...
    Michael Hay
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