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Connect Everything With an Intelligent, Composable, Secure and Flexible IoT Platform

Blog Post created by Rob Tiffany Employee on Oct 11, 2017

Illuminate your data and accelerate your IoT journeyon-premises or in the cloud

By Rob Tiffany – CTO, Lumada


If you’ve explored the internet of things (IoT) offerings lately, you know there are hundreds of IoT platforms that promise connectivity between sensor-equipped devices and applications. In fact, a June 2017 Global IoT Platform report identified 450 companies offering solutions for homes, healthcare, the automotive industry and manufacturing organizations.[1] The report also noted that over 30 of the companies on the 2016 list no longer exist. 


With hundreds of IoT platforms on the market, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Many of these platforms provide little more than connectivity and require third-party add-ons to ensure security and gain insights from IoT data. If you’re looking for IoT capabilities that drive greater efficiencies, productivity and competitive advantages, you may want to explore an IoT platform that’s intelligent, composable, secure and flexible.


Intelligent, Composable, Secure and Flexible IoT Solution Drives Innovation

Lumada’s intelligence comes from asset avatars, digital representations of physical assets that give you a complete view of a single asset or all your assets at once. Its composable architecture is extensible, domain agnostic and hardware agnostic, allowing you to switch architectural components with third-party alternatives as needed. Lumada security is built into every aspect of the platform, from the edge to the core—for data at rest as well as in transit. Finally, the platform is flexible to run on-premises or in the cloud—or both. These capabilities support our three-tiered IoT ecosystem of platform, solution cores and co-creation services.


1. Platform Illuminates Your Data to Drive Better Outcomes

Data holds immense potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency, overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. But until the data is illuminated, its power remains untapped. The Lumada IoT platform delivers the most advanced capabilities available today to turn your data into intelligent action.


2. Solution Cores Easily Adapt to Meet Your Needs

Lumada includes solution cores, which are Hitachi’s pre-validated IoT building blocks that can be combined and customized to meet the challenges you face today. Solution cores are modular, customizable and pre-validated elements that give you a head start in solving problems, reaching desired outcomes and discovering new opportunities through IoT.


3. Co-Creation Drives Innovation

Hitachi IoT specialists work with your organization to jointly develop, test and deploy a unique IoT solution that addresses your specific challenge. Afterward we continue to collaborate in managing and supporting your IoT solutions, and we can iterate the co-creation process to further optimize and transform your business.


Transform Your Data Into Insights to Drive Your Business

With hundreds of IoT platforms on the market today, you want to be certain you deploy an IoT solution that delivers the digital transformation you envision. With more than 100 years of experience building operational technologies (OT) across industries and over 50 years developing leading IT systems, Hitachi is uniquely qualified to deliver IoT solutions. We are also one of the few IoT providers that delivers our platform both on-premises and in the cloud—so you have the flexibility to deploy intelligent, secure, customized solutions faster, helping you grow your enterprise.


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[1] IoT Analytics. IoT Platforms Company List 2017 Update. June 27, 2017.