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What is the value of Co-Creation?

Blog Post created by Bjorn Andersson Employee on Jan 24, 2018

Creating or acquiring IoT solutions can be complex and may seem daunting. Where do I start? Do I have access to all the resources and expertise that will be needed? Is there someone that can help and guide me?


If you’re used to buying pre-packaged solutions for specific tasks, then you are likely to discover that these can’t deliver what you want or need in IoT. It's unchartered territory for many.


IoT solutions most often combine the physical and digital worlds, almost by definition. They connect to your physical environment – your Operational Technology (OT) – your machines, your buildings, your sensors, etc. They also connect with your IT environment – your ERP system, your CRM system, your procurement system, etc. A successful solution creation and deployment takes expertise in multiple disciplines and deep knowledge about your OT and IT environments as well as the business challenges you’re trying to address. Very few companies have that breadth of expertise in one team or even inside one company. Hitachi does, and we’ve made it our business to help other companies with this.


This is where the Co-Creation methodology we use comes in. It’s a methodology we have proven in real life with customers and also inside Hitachi itself. Hitachi has both the OT and IT expertise and capabilities in the Hitachi Group. We’re not only creating IoT solutions – we have first hand experience from running factories, hospitals, transportation services, etc. So we're both a technology and solution provider as well as a user of these solutions. It's very unique to have this dual perspective.


We recently worked with 451 Research around research into how Co-Creation methodologies and the associated services are used in the industry. On our Hitachi Vantara web page for Co-Creation Services , we recently published both a report from 451 Research as well as several videos where Greg Knieriemen from Hitachi Vantara interviews Christian Renaud (@xianrenaud) from 451 Research and John Murphy from Hitachi Vantara about the findings in the report and what we’re seeing in our interactions with customers today.


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Here’s a “trailer” for the video series that opens it up with addressing the question of “What Does Co-Creation Bring toYour IoT Solutions?”


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