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University of Utah Health Partners with Hitachi Vantara to Drive Innovation Through A Hybrid Cloud Environment

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University of Utah Health Partners with Hitachi Vantara to Drive Innovation Through A Hybrid Cloud Environment


Cloud has evolved into more than a singular use case, it’s a way of doing business and in order to look ahead, many must first must look up. Cloud has been embraced by almost every industry, except healthcare. And for good reason, as one of the most regulated industries, we know not all data is created equal, and with daily data breaches and ransomware threats, it’s better to be it safe than be sorry, lose revenue and, most importantly, consumer confidence. The catch 22 here is, healthcare can only realize its full potential when the right information is shared, not locked up, and data can flow to where it’s needed, when it’s needed - seamlessly. And the stakes are high, at its full potential – the outcomes mean superior patient care and breakthrough treatments and research.


A recent article from EHR Intelligence offered up a few more reasons on why we should revisit our notoriously conservative approach to healthcare data in the cloud for the sake of future innovation (article here if you’re interested).


While hospitals and healthcare companies may (or cannot) dive into a traditional cloud environment, a hybrid environment could in the words of Goldilocks could offer the “just right”, solution, which is why we were excited at the opportunity to partner with University of Utah Health on their hybrid cloud environment.


To better serve the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on University of Utah Health every day, the University needed to modernize their data center. To navigate the constant change within the industry – they needed to be more agile. To support thousands of groundbreaking research projects, prevent disruption to patient care, and support their clinical professionals who rely on hundreds of IT systems and applications – they needed efficient access to massive amounts of data.


The solution was a combination of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), Hitachi NAS Platform clusters, the industry leading Hitachi Content Platform, and combines on-premise and public cloud storage.


The combination of these products allowed University of Utah Health to:


  • Faster provisioning of services and accelerated workloads by 40% by migrating the right workloads and data to the cloud without compromising the security of its confidential patient data.
  • Fast and reliable access to the systems and data they need
  • Reduced backup costs by >70% by moving data to Hitachi Content Platform
  • Mitigate future ransomware threats thanks HCP’s encryption features
  • Redirect resources where it counts, towards better patient outcomes through improved health care services


Read their full story here:


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