• Migration WWN not seen

    On Hitachi Compute Blade CB500, we are trying to coinfigure LPAR with Migration WWPN. But it is not getting visible to to the SAN switch. So can't do zoning.  How to publish them. Anyone has faced such issue....
    Sudhir Bisht
    created by Sudhir Bisht
  • Lpar virtual wwn in hitachi cb2500

    Hi all,   I just setup lpar environment in hitachi cb2500. I created lpar, and assign it virtual wwn (let's say wwn for lpar xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:02) while I tried to zoning on fabric switch, I didn't see lpar...
    Wesley Wesley
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  • Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM

    Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either ...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • Automated Infrastructure Management: Freedom to Innovate

    Legacy data center infrastructure hampers IT from getting the maximum strategic value from data.  Pressure is escalating to convert vast quantities of operational and customer data into actionable insights. IT is...
    Monique Lucey
    created by Monique Lucey
  • invoke trans in java code, xml data can't been decoded

    I'm using xml plugin, export db data into xml file. and impot the xml file data at another machine. the kettle trans work well with spoon. but not with java api(core、engine jar, using trans.execute to invoke), all the...
    kevin b zhou
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  • Hitachi Vantara Virtual Rack Configurator

    Use Hitachi Virtual Rack Configurator to build and visualize your solutions and delivering quick links to data sheets and stats. Click below to access the virtual rack on your device:   Web Browser: https://rackc...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • UCP Series Visio Stencils

    Hi All   Is there somewhere visio stencils for the UCP Series ?   Thank you Hyun
    YoungChul Hyun
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  • SVP Login is coming by RDP

    Hi,   After rebooting the VSP G1000 management PC.  SVP login is not coming by RDP.  There are two user (administrator and bakedusr) is displaying.   Please suggest what we need to do ?   &#...
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Driver and Firmware upgrade on Blade and CR server

    Hi Team,   Can anyone let me know the driver and firmware upgrade procedure for the blade server,  is there any exe file which can run from the server and get updated all the latest drivers and firmware. &#...
    Ajeesh Mathottam
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  • IT Automation: The Tectonic Shift Continues

    Last summer my son landed a summer job as a teller at a small local bank. As you might guess, it’s not millennials who frequent bank branches, but elderly and small business owners who prefer the in-person banki...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Networking on server web

    Hello everyone I have a structure consisting of a blade with the CB2000 relevant forms of networking. I configured the vmnic in vmware and associated host 5.1. The goal is to put online a virtual web server accessibl...
    Matteo Primiano
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  • Award-winning company Patel Infrastructure Limited supports future growth plans with Hitachi

    See how Patel Infrastructure plans to expand across India is supported by their IT infrastructure, which includes Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA.
    created by cchaffey
  • Top 3 Reasons to Make APIs Part of Your IT Transformation Strategy

    IT infrastructure is changing fast. You don’t have to look any further than several paradigm shifts like cloud computing, software defined data centers, pay-as-you-go consumption models, and converged and hyperc...
    Monique Lucey
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  • IT Infrastructure Nirvana – It’s Closer Than You Think

    Queue the choirs of angels, trumpets and harps. Enter Gods and Goddesses on puffy white clouds eating ambrosia and sipping nectar. Ok, maybe not pure bliss, but with UCP Advisor management and orchestration software y...
    Monique Lucey
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  • And the Survey Says? Top 2 IT Challenges: How Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Can Solve Them

    Data is an organization’s most strategic asset. To drive competitive advantage, IT needs to efficiently manage, govern and mobilize key data services across data centers and clouds, bringing together disparate s...
    Monique Lucey
    created by Monique Lucey
  • Back to the Future – No Time Like the Present for Management & Orchestration

    The eighties left in its wake, countless fashion victims.  Admittedly I was among them. I survived the fashion brutalities of permed hair, parachute pants and fingerless gloves. It was impossible, through the bli...
    Monique Lucey
    created by Monique Lucey
  • CB500 visio stencils

    Hi,   Is there somewhere some visio stencils for the CB500 ?
    Team Infrastructure
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  • Hi-Track in CR220H BMC

    How do I setup Hi-Track monitoring for our CR220H servers which are running vSphere please?   I can see that in the BMC there is a section to enter Hi-Track server IP addresses but I'm not clear if we would spec...
    Paul Hutchings
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  • how we can size the storage capacity in HCP , if we need in total 15 TB usable capacity. what are the calculation in HCP ?

    i am planning to propose a customer UCP HCI solution from Hitachi V210 , now i wanted to offer 15 TB usable capacity . does it need to be per node OR i must put 15 TB usable for all ?
  • Procedure for adding blades on existing CB500

    Hi, Where can I find the instruction on how to add blades on CB500?
    Russell A Nunag
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