• IT Automation: The Tectonic Shift Continues

    Last summer my son landed a summer job as a teller at a small local bank. As you might guess, it’s not millennials who frequent bank branches, but elderly and small business owners who prefer the in-person banki...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Top 3 Reasons to Make APIs Part of Your IT Transformation Strategy

    IT infrastructure is changing fast. You don’t have to look any further than several paradigm shifts like cloud computing, software defined data centers, pay-as-you-go consumption models, and converged and hyperc...
    Monique Lucey
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  • IT Infrastructure Nirvana – It’s Closer Than You Think

    Queue the choirs of angels, trumpets and harps. Enter Gods and Goddesses on puffy white clouds eating ambrosia and sipping nectar. Ok, maybe not pure bliss, but with UCP Advisor management and orchestration software y...
    Monique Lucey
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  • And the Survey Says? Top 2 IT Challenges: How Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Can Solve Them

    Data is an organization’s most strategic asset. To drive competitive advantage, IT needs to efficiently manage, govern and mobilize key data services across data centers and clouds, bringing together disparate s...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Back to the Future – No Time Like the Present for Management & Orchestration

    The eighties left in its wake, countless fashion victims.  Admittedly I was among them. I survived the fashion brutalities of permed hair, parachute pants and fingerless gloves. It was impossible, through the bli...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Adventures in Time and Space

    Have you noticed? Things are getting smaller (… except phone screens!) and faster (…except the traffic here in Silicon Valley!).   Galaxy NGC6946 (Hubble Space Telescope) - far away in space, and ti...
    Jill Ross
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  • G.O.T. Automated Management And Orchestration?

    Winter is here. For you G.O.T. fans, you know what I’m talking about. With all the buzz around the season finale of Game of Thrones and now the dreaded “show hole”, I have plenty of free time to cont...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Sneak Peek - Big Announcements at Hitachi NEXT

    Before you head to Vegas for Hitachi NEXT, for what promises to the premier event for the digital revolution, this is a sneak peek of some of the game changers coming in  converged infrastructure.   For you...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Integrated Software-Defined Data Center with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS

    Introduction Industry infrastructure deployment is transforming. This transformation is being driven by the need for IT to focus limited economic and human capital resources on leading business innovation, resulting i...
    Hossein Heidarian
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  • UCP 4.1.x - How to Create and Deploy an ESXi Cluster Service Template

    Here is a link to some videos I made about UCP 4.1.x and the Cluster Service Templates. https://gssdojo.wistia.com/projects/uau1dmtsrf   The videos were generated on a simulated UCP in the Global Demo and Learn...
    Nichole Schmitt
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  • Digital Transformation for Midmarket IT

    Midmarket IT organizations face the same challenges as their larger enterprise brothers, keep the lights on and adopt new technologies; ensure asset protection and unleash maximum mobility; deliver reliable critical a...
    Chris Gugger
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  • Simple steps for setting up a Hyper Scale-Out Platform

    Hi Everybody,   SETO recently did a validation by following simple steps to setup/configure a Hyper Scale-Out Platform and documented the processes with video clips.   Links to the document:   http://my...
    Francis Hong
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  • UCP Director (3.5, 4.0, 4.1.1)- Jobs, Events, Logs - Use CLI to help you gather intel on a failed job.

    Hi All, this is my first attempt at blogging. This is a section from a handy UCP Notebook I helped author last year.   These tips are applicable to UCP 3.5, 4.0, 4.1.1. Note, however, an improvement in UCP 4.1.1...
    Nichole Schmitt
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  • Why I (still) think SDS is a fad

    Short blog post. More to come on this subject...   Software Defined Storage (SDS) vendors seem to think that all they have to do is say the words "commodity hardware" and the enterprise storage buying world will...
    John Webster
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  • Incubation of Convergence and Reflection FY'14

    Incubation of Convergence   As the data center grows in rapid phase, complexity s increasing double. The operation costs increasing and maintaining service level agreement is daunting tasks. The birth of Converg...
    Gana Chandrasekaran
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