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Hitachi Solution for Databases Reference Architecture for Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c

Blog Post created by Amol Bhoite Employee on Dec 14, 2017

Business Problem Statement

Today we live in a world that new and creative business models are driven by technology advancement. The need for Digital Transformation to create new revenue streams, reduce costs, streamline operations, increase speed to market, and allow internal collaborations has become ever more paramount, and the result of that intensifies the pressure on IT organizations to come up with the right and modern design of “Digital Foundation”, an IT infrastructure that is integrated, secured, salable and cost-optimized, to set enterprises up for business success.

The fact that IT as well as data demands grow by multiples on an annual basis, IT spends a tremendous amount of time and resources evaluating, installing and stacking up disparate hardware components, not to mention the challenge to integrate servers, storage and networking infrastructure for the building of a virtualization layer on which they can finally place and enable application software. Furthermore, the lack of a unified management framework, and the need for highly specialized individuals who can design, configure, optimize, test and manage each component increases cost, complexity and risk. This deficiency often results in additional costs that exceed an organization’s business plan prediction, cannibalizing the investment in other value-creation initiatives, such as cloud, Big Data, and IoT.


Business benefit and Solution Value Propositions

The answer to these problems is Hitachi Solution for Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c.

Hitachi Solution for Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c is engineered, pre-configured, pre-tested, and qualified to provide predictable performance and the highest reliability in demanding, dynamic Oracle environments. This solution is validated to ensure consistent, predictable results.

Hitachi Solution for Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c offer integrated computing options, simplified management and improved utilization that cut total cost of ownership.

This proven solution to optimize your Oracle database environment integrates servers, storage systems, and networks. The environment provides reliability, high availability, scalability, and performance while processing small-scale to large-scale on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads.



This blog describes Oracle Orion and Peakmarks performance results with Hitachi Solution for Databases Reference Architecture for Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c

The environment uses Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G800 (VSP G800), Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 with Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors, and Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 Servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4110 processors.


Storage Architecture

Below is the storage architecture used for the testing.

Test Results

These are the test results.


Oracle Orion Test Results


Test Case

Test / Workload type




Storage performance -

100% OLTP Random Read (8k)

Max. IO/s


Avg. RT

1.07 ms

2Storage performance -100% OLTP Random Writes (8k)Max. IO/s


Avg. RT

1.1 ms

3Storage performance -100% OLAP Sequential Reads (1024K)Max. Throughput

12.21 GB/sec

4Storage performance -100% OLAP Sequential Writes (1024K)Max. Throughput

7.3 GB/sec


Peakmarks Test Results


Test CaseTest / Workload typeMetricValue
1Storage performance random read (STO-RR)Max. IO/s


Avg. RT

1.07 ms

2Storage performance random write (STO-RWF)Max. IO/s200,094
Avg. RT

1.02 ms

3Storage performance sequential read (STO-SR)Max. Throughput

10.58 GB/s

4Storage mixed random read write (STO-MIX 20% update ratio)Max. IO/s261,134
Avg. RT1 ms
5Database medium OLTP select performance - 25 rows per transaction (DBX-S25)Throughput in transactions per second25,388
Throughput in rows per second634,694
Avg. RT for SQL statement

1.1 ms

6Server performance test - OLTP 25 rows per transaction(SRV-S25)Throughput in transactions per second17,950
Throughput in rows per second1,292,394
Throughput in logical buffer reads per second33,731,989
Avg. RT for SQL statement



CPU processor performance test - Arithmetic ADD operation (CP2-SA)

Throughput in operations per second



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