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Hitachi Solution for Databases Reference Architecture for Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation

Blog Post created by Jigisha Pathak Employee on Feb 23, 2018

          Use Hitachi Solution for Databases - Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation to provide reliability, high availability, scalability, and performance while processing small to large Oracle workloads. This reference architecture is a validated cloud solution for Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle VM 3.4.4, with virtual machines using Oracle Linux 7.3.

Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation is fast, agile, and aims to be a more efficient use of resources. Cloud deployment aims for IT transformation. You want a fast and flexible journey to reduce cost, quickly scale up or down, and—most importantly—be easy and intuitive.

          This solution integrates many innovative technologies from Hitachi Vantara and Oracle. To create an Oracle database cloud service, this environment uses Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI with Oracle Virtual Machine and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 13c. Unified Compute Platform CI includes Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G800 (VSP G800), Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 with Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors for storage and computing resources, and Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 with Intel Xeon Silver 4110 processors for the management servers. It provides a base of the following to migrate to Oracle database cloud service:

  • Quick database deployment in the cloud
  • Validation of virtual machine configurations
  • Central monitoring of Hitachi storage and servers, virtual machines, database, and applications

This solution provides the flexibility to select storage and compute resources based on unique requirements. Deploy small databases as well as huge databases, depending on resource availability.

As a cloud solution, this environment provides simple provisioning, chargeback/showback, and a centralized user interface using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c.    

Business Benefits

Oracle VM provides the foundation for the cloud infrastructure. It provides fully integrated enterprise management from disk to applications to cloud. It provides rapid enterprise application deployment with Oracle VM templates.

This solution uses an Oracle VM server pool created with multiple Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 servers to deploy virtual machines for an Oracle RAC database. Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation provides the flexibility to add or remove servers in the Oracle VM server pool based on business requirements.

Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c to self-provision and administer the integrated technology stack, including storage, Oracle virtual machines (VMs), and Oracle databases.

Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 uses VMware ESXi to deploy virtual machines for the management servers. The management servers include the following:

  • Oracle VM Manager
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Manager for Hitachi adapters for Oracle Database
  • Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor

You can deploy the manager for Hitachi adapters for Oracle Database as a virtual appliance in VMware ESXi and Oracle VM. Additional management server VMs can be deployed if needed.

Storage Configuration

The configuration takes into consideration Hitachi Vantara for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Oracle recommended practices for the design and deployment of database storage.

  The high-level storage configuration diagram for this solution is shown here:



Test Results

These are the performance test results

Oracle Orion Test Results


Peakmarks Test Results

Peakmarks Test Results for Scaling up Database from 2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB

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