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Premkumar Manipillai
I need to pull record from Oracle db and push to MS SQL server using job scheduling. can you please any one explain how to create job scheduling in Pentaho ETL 8.1 Community Edition
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elsa santos
Hello!   I have a dashbord-template with a header, nav-bar, {content} and footer. This content calls an .xcdf file by clicking on an item in the nav-bar. The problem is that every time I click on a nav-bar item, instead of just changing the content, it renders all the template.   If I use the same style of the template in the xcdf file of… (Show more)
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Prabhakar Pandey
have created a step plugin for pentaho which gives some output fields. It gets 2 Input fields from previous steps add some metadata and output fields . Although output is being sent to next step but when i do right click and click on output fields it only show field and value from previous steps not from the step plugin i created. Below is the… (Show more)
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Jose Plaza
Hi,   Currently in my company we are using the trial version of Pentaho to test the product, but we have a problem when opening PDI this load and it remains on the home screen and then automatically closed. Looking in the logs comes a problem with java specifically with the mshtml.ddl. I attach the Data Integration and Java logs   Thanks for… (Show more)
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Nilesh Purohit
Dear Team,   I am trying to connect to SalesForce using 'Salesforce Input'. I gave the url ( then User-id and Pwd. Once i click test connection,  I also tried 43.0 in the above url but no luck.   I am getting the below error...   Can not connect to Salesforce with username []!… (Show more)
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Ayan Jana
Hello,   Getting error like field [firstName] required but could not be found when running a Kettle transformation through Java. When I try to run the same from Spoon, not getting error.   N.B- The Transformation is trying to invoke API through Rest Client and then using a JSON Input and ultimately loads to a table with Table Output. I searched… (Show more)
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Ken Wood
Introducing Plug-in Machine Intelligence by Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Today, the need to swiftly operationalize machine learning based solutions to meet the challenges of businesses is more pressing than ever. The ability to create, deploy and scale a company’s business logic to quickly take advantage of opportunities or react to changes is… (Show more)
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Kiruthika M
Tried out to run the PRPT  from JAVA code. Its worked fine with the Parameter as well. While am trying to run the PRPT with the source as PDI, Am getting the Parse Error. Version of the software: Pentaho 8.1 Community Edition… (Show more)
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Peter Jansen
I have a large (nested) XML file, almost 2 Gb. I would like to convert the XML to CSV data.   In a transformation (PDIce v 8) I use "get data from xml", point to the XML file and in the content tab I press "Get XPath nodes". PDI popup "Reading Document..." and after about 10 minutes an error occurs: "GC overhead limit exceeded".   I tried… (Show more)
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