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Arun Yadav
Hi,   We are developing new reports in prd we are not able to call procedure in prd,please give us steps of calling procedure in pentaho report designer.
in Pentaho
Navaid Khan
From industry giants to bright startups, brands are frantic to deliver the best interactions with customers and to burn the churn. In other words, master the customer experience (CX). The frenzy for telcos is to morph from staunch utility companies trying to keep millions of customers happy into innovative, tuned-in service providers that keep… (Show more)
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Lothar Schubert
Where can I find a "hello world" tutorial for PDI / Spoon?  I found an older one on the wiki (and was able to follow, and successfully build), but it's from 2015. I suspect there are newer tutorials somewhere. Where can I find?
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YK Park
Hi.   Recently I upgraded Pentaho 7.0 to Pentaho 8.0. The transformation that I used worked well in 7.0 PDI, however this issue occurs from 8.0.   Mainly transformation is to communicate with HCI server using HCI REST API. First step is getting authentication token. Since HCI use "https", I downloaded certificate into my local machine and… (Show more)
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Carlos Santos
Hi,   In the process of migrating our BI solution, which was developed in Pentaho in version 5.4 and now being migrated to version 8.0, we installed the library libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 because of the dependency of Pentaho Data integration (PDI), as described in the supporting documentation of Hitachi Vantara. The installation of the library was… (Show more)
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Alberto Sanchez
Hi!   I have problem with XLS or CSV export if I use an enviroment variable as a parameter (${env::username}) in my SQL queries  to obtain data of a table. Sometimes the problem is only with numeric fields, sometimes data is completely empty after export. Curiously, export works perfectly if I use XML or JSON format. Any idea about it?   Many… (Show more)
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Ravi Poruri
Hello,    Has anyone undergone an upgrade from Pentaho CE 7.x to the latest version of CE 8.1? If so, do you see any issues with the upgrade?    I am also looking for some feedback on how to make the upgrade smooth without having to take lot of downtime.    Appreciate your responses. Thanks Ravi
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Kiruthika M
Hi Team,   Am Using Pentaho 8.1 Community edition.   My Requirement is the needed column name should be selected on the go. So I will populate my field name in check box and trying to pass that value to the select query.   select ${Param_column1}  from table_name but its not worked. Is there anyother approach to done this.   Note: we are using… (Show more)
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zakariae aboud
hi, how i can install  " pentaho-server-manual-ce-" i extract the zip file and i get this files i don't know how i can setupe this files. plz help me .
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Voljinlvlan V
Hi guy, i get this problem more than 3 time and i try to solve problem by Configure and Start the Pentaho Server after Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation but can not solve. Fortunately i make the data recovery every day i work then i delete virsual machine and install new one and import my project to pentaho.   and this is error when i… (Show more)
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