• More Free Access To Real-time Sensor Data

    Please Note! Due to remodeling construction in the lobby area where this sensor is located, the data feeds are down. As such, this phase of this project is complete. Sorry for the abrupt closure, but this is...
    Ken Wood
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  • LiDAR Motion Sensor and Pentaho Challenge

    Please Note! Due to remodeling construction in the lobby area where these sensors are located, the data feeds are down. As such, this phase of this project is complete. Sorry for the abrupt closure, but this is a...
    Ken Wood
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  • Next London Meetup - TUESDAY!

    The next meetup is on Tuesday, see details here:   https://www.meetup.com/Pentaho-London-User-Group/events/260907100/   Join the discussion on twitter with #plug19 and see you there!   Oh; there's Pizza...
    Dan Keeley
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  • out of memory with rest client step

    Hi. I just added a rest client step to my transform. I'm getting out of memory errors ever since I made this change. I tried increasing memory from 2048MB to 4096MB and I'm still getting the same error. This is with a...
    Joshua Glickman
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  • Announcing PMI v1.4 with Deep Learning is Here!

    Easy to Use Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Pentaho By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   Hitachi Vantara Labs is excited to release a new version of the experimental plugin, Plugin Machine Intelligence versi...
    Ken Wood
    created by Ken Wood
  • PBA Roles definition for SAML authentication

    Good morning,   I managed to setup SAML authentication using Pentaho Business Analytics 8.2. This far, though, I can only access as an "Authenticated" user (default role with limited permissions). I can&#...
    Marco Cavalazzi
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  • Accessing Kerberized HDFS with non-kerberized Pentaho / PDI

    Is it possible to access a Kerberized HDFS (CDH) from _non-kerberized_ Pentaho server / local PDI ? If so, what are the steps needed?    According to this, it is not possible, but some other sites suggest t...
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  • PDI 8.1 missing connect button

    I installed Pentaho 8.1 EE version in window Server 2008 when i open PDI then there was no connect button through which i established the connection to the repository.   After searching into google I found an a...
    Vikas Samant
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  • PMI_ML_MC.zip

    Ken Wood
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  • Artificial Intelligence with Pentaho

          What Can You Do with Deep Learning in Pentaho?   By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   For those of you that have installed and are using the Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI) plugin that ...
    Ken Wood
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  • New York Pentaho User Group - Metadata Injection

    Just 2 weeks until our next NYC Pentaho User group.   We will be talking Metadata Injection, community resources and what’s coming in 8.3.   To ways to register Meetup or eventbright.   Join us...
    Derek Wilson
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  • How can I create an XML output that will export multiple child elements within a parent element?

    How can I create an XML output that will export multiple child elements within a parent element?   I've attached the .KTR file along with what the layout needs to look like and what I'm getting with the curr...
    Mike Spiegel
    created by Mike Spiegel
  • Processing & Visualizing Streaming Data Using Pentaho

    Why Streaming Data? Why Now? In the past 10 years, the data market has undergone a vast transformation, expanding far beyond traditional data integration and business intelligence involving the analysis of transaction...
    Noah Schneider
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  • how can i create automaticly 100 account in the pentaho user console??

    Hello Community, I have a question for the creation of users on Pentaho User Console, Actually i want to create 100 account in the Pentaho User Console with an automatic way ( A script or a procedure ). Note that i ...
    slim chaffar
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  • CDE Table component - Conditional color of row

    Hello,   I need to change the color of row due to value in a cell. I think it is possible with js code (AddIns options).   Can anyone help me?
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  • PDI 8.2 Excel Writer not inserting all rows from a template

    Hello,     I just upgraded from pdi-ce- to and made no changes to any of my workflow code.  I notice that the Excel Writer is taking just the 1st row from a given template i've co...
    Dan Onorato
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  • Transpose tables in Pentaho CDE

    Hello. I create a dashboard in pentaho cde. it is necessary to make a transposed table in which the number of columns will dynamically change depending on the results of the data set. it is possible to do with stan...
    Oleg Zemnukhov
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  • Pull from HBase with Date data type throwing error

    I am trying to query hbase using HBase input step. but it is throwing me error "HBase input 2.0 - The length of a date column value must equal that of a long"   below is the screen shots of my configuration &#...
    Raj Karan
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  • Downloads

    Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics. The comprehensive platform allows you to access, prepare, blend and analyze any d...
    Diogo Belem
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  • Scrollable charts

    Hello.   There is any way to make a chart be able to scroll through the data when has a lot of series to display and not enough width or height?   Thanks
    Jose Sanchez
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