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Fearless: Hitachi , NFS and VMware ; Scaling from 200 to 15,000 VMs with HNAS

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Aug 27, 2014

Hitachi is traditionally be seen as the leader in FC Block for enterprise storage systems. You want reliable scalable vSphere based environment, you could be fearless with Hitachi.

Now, I want to give a callout to the file engineering team which has done phenomenal work over the last two years with our Hitachi NAS Platform with successful deployments into VMware NFS accounts and some great vCenter integrations with software like Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator for automated managed VM level backup services using storage offload services...(100 Million VM Clones and Snapshots, you beat the requirement)


Now they have taken it a step further... They have delivered a platform software that can now allow customers who have/are adopting a path towards NFS to also allow them to meet their insane VM growth.. scale from 200 to 15,000 VMs with a single HNAS cluster (8-node) with flash based VSP G1000


In order to prove these were not hero numbers, we had Storage Switzerland come in and validate the infrastructure and test results... The testing involved running through a serious of I/O workloads with heavy write activity (no 100% random read's here). We decided to fix the VM count based on 50%read/50% write... (we like to be a tad conservative). We had to be creative with the test harness to showcase 15,000VMs..

The best part though, was that with VSP G1000, because of some the I/O sequentialization of random I/O we do on HNAS for VMware I/O blender, we freed up resources on the VSP G1000 to handle even more FC workload. Nice package...Interesting for VMware Virtual Volumes - hint..


Storage Switzerland shared a video of what they saw as the challenge HDS Video: Storage Switzerland Analyst Video and here is their final published paper, "Designing Highly Scalable Storage for Dense Virtual Machine Environments – by Storage Switzerland"



[*Update*] A full recording of a webinar with Storage Switzerland discussing the results can now be accessed

Storage Short: How to support 15,000 VMs on a NAS | Storage Swiss - Storage Switzerland  &

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