The Winner of the Community MVP is Kamalarajan S!

Document created by Donna Garber on Sep 23, 2013
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HDS Community is excited to announce the MVP for September - October 2013!


Kamalarajan SKamalarajan S works in India for Wipro one of our Global Systems Integrator partners (see our GSI Partner page if you want to learn more about Wipro.)


An active member of the legacy, Kamalarajan joined the HDS Community on the day it launched, 10 June 2013.  Since joining, he has accrued 1,560 points and has achieved many badges.


He has over five years’ experience in HDS Storage and HNAS implementation and administration support. His expertise is in HDS Enterprise Storage Administration, integration of USPVM/VM, HNAS and AMS series.  He is a Senior Storage Administrator and his participation in the community has been recognized for its’ value to HDS, as well as to other customers, partners and Global System Integrators.


He impressed the judging committee with proactive behavior including answering member questions, achieving multiple correct answers, expressing his opinions, giving feedback, voting on polls, being noticed by other users who follow his contributions, starting important discussions and more. Specifically, Kamalarajan shares use cases of HDS products and responds quickly to questions on topics such as HDLM, VSP, HNAS, Tuning Manager and many more. He refers users to or the Support Portal when appropriate. He takes time to welcome new members and updates his status often with relevant and interesting topics. He encourages, connects and comments on other members' posts. He takes time to collaborate with other members to trouble shoot their problems.  Kamalarajan can be found throughout the community.


Please join me in congratulating Kamalarajan on being selected as the MVP of the HDS Community! He is a valued member of the community and someone I suggest others follow to learn new insights and best practices.

He joinsCris Danci who was the first Community MVP.


Kamalarajan will be awarded 2,000 points.

To learn more about the MVP program, click here.