Setting the system time on VSP G200/400/600

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Note: System specifications and best practices can change. Be sure to use the latest user guides or the latest product training before you perform the task.

Follow the steps below to set the system date and time for a VSP G200/400/600 system:

1. Open a browser and go to the maintenance utility from Device Manager-Storage Navigator.

2. From the Administration tree, select Date & Time (Figure 1). The Date & Time window opens. The current settings are displayed.

3. Click Set Up. The Set Up Date & Time window opens (Figure 2).

4. Change the settings as needed and either click Apply to save them or click Cancel to close the window without saving the changes.


FIgure 1. Date & Time menu on the Administration tree



FIgure 2. Set Up Date & Time window



Note that setting the system time does not change the clock on the SVP.  To change the clock on the SVP, connect a PC to the LAN2 port on the SVP and establish a remote desktop connection. Then use the Window's Control Panel to set the date & time.