Social Innovation Driving Change  -  Analyst Whitepaper

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This is a short (about 8 pages) overview from Frost & Sullivan on how Social Innovation is driving meaning improvements across different industries.


From the introduction:


Our world is awash in connectivity and information. It is rather astonishing to step back and think about how much information we can access, and how quickly we can access it, today as compared to any other era in history. Even more astounding is the vast amount of data being generated and transmitted beyond the familiar cell phones and tablets—from hospitals, utility meters, traffic lights, and oil rigs. This amount of information can often overwhelm, and how we can leverage it for our betterment—of our society, our companies, and ourselves as individuals—often seems a daunting task. Correctly analyzing and utilizing this data from the Internet of Things that matter, however, can provide benefits that will resound across an organization, from productivity to customer value, revenue generation through cost savings.