OS Utility Plugins Pack (Linux)

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Here are plugins to get OS information, configure the information and invoke OS function. The plugins are for Linux.

Plug-ins are packed into service template as below.


PluginDescriptionService Template packing the plugins
Execute Command with Predefined ResponseExecutes a command with a predefined response on Linux.OSLinux01
Configure NIC on LinuxConfigures NIC settings (IP address, subnetmask, default gateway, etc.) on Linux,
Unmount DeviceUnmounts a device or file system on Linux.
Synchronize Linux with NTP ServerWaits for synchronization with NTP server and outputs the result to a file.
Configure RHUI on LinuxConfigures RHUI settings (Host, Public Key File, etc.) on Linux.OSLinux02
Configure Initial OS Settings on LinuxConfigures initial OS settings (Host, Root password, etc.)  on Linux.
Initialize Static Routing on LinuxInitializes a static routing on Linux.
Install Symantec Endpoint Protection for LinuxInstalls Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux (SEPFL) and configures SEPFL settings.
Configure NTP on LinuxConfigures NTP settings (Host, IP address, etc.) on Linux.
Change Root PasswordChanges the root password on Linux.
Add OS user (Linux)Creates an OS user in the Linux target server.AO_OSLinux
Change file permissionChange file permission
OS Initial Settings(Linux)Configures the initial OS settings (host name, time zone, DNS suffix).


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The file contains service template packing plug-ins and spec documentations (xlsx) per each plug-in.



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.00DownloadInitial ImplementationOSLinux01sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.00DownloadInitial ImplementationOSLinux02sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



These contents are not available right now, but will be included in product by default in the near feature. The timing has not been decided yet.



How to use


See spec documentation (xlsx) for detail of each plug-ins such as input/output properties and error code.