What is best practice for HNAS archiving (DM2Cloud) to HCP ?

Document created by Steven Looby Employee on Feb 15, 2018Last modified by Steven Looby Employee on Feb 15, 2018
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HNAS offers two connectors for archiving data to HCP, known as data migrator to cloud (DM2Cloud).

  • The older one uses HCP proprietary REST protocol.
    • Compatible with HCP software v7.x.x
  • The newer one uses S3 protocol, and is the preferred connector (release Jan 2018, OS 13.3.4663.06)
    • Compatible with HCP software v8.x.x


When using HCP 8.x always use newer version of HNAS and DM2cloud connector, which supports MPU (Multipart upload).

    1. if file was uploaded with MPU size of 6MB, HNAS will read chunks of 6 MBs. The MPU part size is stored in file metadata on HCP, so HNAS always knows how file was uploaded and how it should be read.
    2. In addition, for customers who already have files stored on HCP, if they switch to use the new provider type HCPS3, files will be downloaded by 5MB chunks instead of old 512K. This will significantly help existing data.


These recall semantics become very significant when HCP is encrypting data, and itself storing objects to Snodes, NFS or public cloud.  With the combination of HCP 8.x.x and HNAS OS 13.3.4663.06, there is no recall performance degradation, even with encrypted/compressed objects.