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    @Andrew Cave Still, this method is needed. javascript:top.reportViewer_openUrlInDialog('title', 'http://www.pentaho.com/','800px', '600px') ​ But I don't understand where he should be

  • Hi i have created ktr file using pentaho data integration and report file (prpt file) using pentaho report designer from local machine, after that we uploaded those files(PDI and PRPT) into Pentaho user console for schedules In ...

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    Hi An drew, thanks for the link, I'll use it in the future.  Just yesterday I got the solution already. It scatter across multiple section, need to change multiple part to get it done. Here what I did to come out with the solution: ...

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    You might be able to figure something out from https://webdetails.github.io/ccc/charts/jsdoc/symbols/pvc.options.axes.HeatGridColorAxis.html https://webdetails.github.io/ccc/charts/jsdoc/symbols/pvc.options.axes.ColorAxis.html ...

  • Thank you, William. As it turns out, the Server 2016 box just seems to have needed another reboot, beyond the one it said it needed, to sort things out.  After that, HITACHI OPEN-V showed up as an available device type to add.  ...


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