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Posted By Ralf Siekierski 01-19-2023 10:32
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Dear colleagues, we need one for an audit by a chartered accountant precise description of how the retention mode of the HCP works. What is meant here are the periods of time. Does the HCP calculate a month in 30 days, or in 31 days. How long is a year in HCP retention 360 days, or 365 days. ...
Posted By Ralf Siekierski 07-24-2020 13:33
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Hello HDS-Folks,   I have a request, I need for our technical documentation in our roadmap, a description as exact as possible, for what the 8 digits (xx-xx-xx-xx)are in microcode, or what they mean.   Thank for eyerykind of help best regards Ralf Siekierski   #ObjectStorage