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Hi, I am chasing software to manage my Tagmastore DF700-RKXS.

Question asked by Jeff Parker on Apr 1, 2016

I have acquired it recently and am wishing to use it for my personal storage.

Worthy of note:

I am a collector of Rack Mounted Servers & Storage Devices, I have a lot of older machines dating back to the 1st gen Compaq P-2 system that started the 19" rack mount world off.

That being said, I am constantly after older equipment's that have finished their working life are are trying to avoid the scrap yard.

I have been involved in IT and electronics since the XT days, tho I am not in it now I am an avid collector, I have many items that you may have never seen.

I am always after rails, machines, ram, hard drives, older software (I plan when I another 300 years) to restore the operating systems on them they were first released into the wild with.

I will upload some picture here later this weekend....

I may be crazy....but at the end of the day....museums may hold old items, but I am holding the old Servers,Mass Storage, Tape BU, Racks, Enterprise Equips that will be forgotten.

Any help greatly appreciated, I can afford some cash for things but am not wealthy, I am a full time single dad with 2 teenage boys working as an electrician.

Likewise I may have some unit you may be after and happy to swap items.