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iSCSI configuration guide for VSP Gx00

Question asked by Jakob Jorgensen Employee on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Jakob Jorgensen

Hi everyone.


I have been trolling the PDL for the VSP Gx00 series and all I can find for configuring guidelines for iSCSI in the VSP Gx00 series is a mediocre part Provisioning Guide and even worse part in the Open-Systems Host Attachment Guide.

What I'm really searching for is more like the iSCSI Guidelines at 7-14 in the HUSx00 series Hardware Installation and Config Guide.


I have been looking at theLoop and on the community, but am unable to find any really useful best-practice or guideline papers.


I know that the Guidelines probably haven't changes much from HUSx00 to Gx00, but when presenting this to a customer, I'd rather if there was something with the correct naming.


Have you guys seen any more detailed papers on this?