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Triggering workflows

Question asked by Lukasz Sadalski Employee on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Alan Bryant



I have a question regarding triggering workflows.


Let's assume customer has service bus which they would like to use to process objects in HCI.

The workflow should start when there is new object passed to HCI.
At the moment I see workflow can be scheduled and interval can be set to 1 sec. However in this situation HCI will check/crawl the source using connector.

With the service bus it is service bus which should trigger the workflow, not HCI.

How to handle this situation?


General question: can we trigger the workflow from external API/app?


Also it would be good to have possibility to pass some metadata to the workflow we trigger with the content. Like we pass the document from service bus with the information it is type "classified". It then would trigger another workflow than if this doc was "public". Of course we can do this in HCI, however in this case we would have to have one fat and big workflow that serve for all documents that comes from service bus to HCI which would not be efficient.