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Input Property - External Resource provider

Question asked by Wayne Egli on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Wayne Egli

I'm trying to create a custom external resource provider within an input property and keep getting a blank selection dropdown.

My steps:

- Under the 'Edit Input Property for Service" in the "Value and Presentation" section

- I select "Selection" for Presentation. Data source Dynamic.

- In the dropdown select "Add new external resource provider" at the bottom of the list.

- I take the defaults and use content type of "application/json"

- For the code I use JavaScript and remove the sample. Here is the code I put in just to try and get something

to return. (Starting with the basics)

function fn(requestPath, queryParamMap, properties) {
   var ret = { "data": [] };{
      "Name1": "Hello",
      "Name2": "World"
   return ret;

- I get a blank dropdown list... Can someone help with why? What am I doing wrong?