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HNAS CIFS shares and Windows PE v10

Question asked by Paul Parris on May 10, 2017
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We have an HNAS 3080-G2 running 12.0.3528.04.

On it, a CIFS share was created a while ago containing software images that was mounted on a Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) build using the following command:


net use * \\servername\sharename /user:Domainname\username


All has been working fine with the Win PE version of 6.3.9600 (based on Windows 8.1)


We've been looking to upgrade the Win PE to 10.0.10240 (based on Windows 10).

But the above command gives the following error when trying to mount the exact same share:-

"Error 87 The parameter is incorrect"

We get this error whether the /user parameter is in the command or not.


The Max. supported SMB version on the HNAS EVS serving this share is 2.0. Changing it to 2.1 or 3 does not fix the problem.

Changing the Registry Key DWORD on the client


from 0 to 1, also doesn't help.


I've read on various forums about people having problems mounting CIFS shares on Win 10 clients - the shares are being served from Netapp and other various other filers.

The solutions they propose above haven't helped.

Our next step appears to be trying to connect to the share on a full-blown Win 10 build and seeing if we have the same problem.

Does anyone here have any experience of this with the HNAS in particular?