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CM Rest Javascript plug Resource Group long add time

Question asked by Johnny Koen Employee on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Johnny Koen

Hi All,


Im using the Javascript CM Rest plugin to add storage to a resource group or VSM. This is taking a very long time. To be precise it takes 1 minute and 32 seconds to add the ldev to the resource group. All other actions are quick, creating the ldev, removing virtual ldev IDs and assign the LDEV to the host group.


If I use raidcom its immediate. Any idea why such a long time to add a LDEV to a resource group?


This is a snippet of my code:

//Add Ldev to VSM

  var addLdevVSMReqBody = new model.RequestBody28();


  ldevID = parseInt(ldevID);



  print("[Informational] " + logID + " > Add Ldev to Virtual Storage Machine Group: "+ " ResourceGroupID: " + resourceGroupID + ", Ldev ID: " + ldevID + ", ByteFormatCapacity: " + byteFormatCapacity);

  var addLdevVSMRet = client.v1.objects.storages.storageDeviceID.resourceGroups.resourceGroupId.actions.addResource.invoke.put(storageDeviceID,resourceGroupID,addLdevVSMReqBody,null,"Completed");

  jobStatus(addLdevVSMRet,"Add Ldev to Resource Group");



Kind Regards

Johnny Koen