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Powershell HUS110 which RG disk is member of?

Question asked by Ally Wilson on Jul 4, 2017

Using the Hitachi Storage Adapter for Powershell (v6.2.0.0), I'm unable to determine which raid group a disk is a member of.


I can get the list of disks and their properties with:

Get-Drive -Serial $Serial | fl


So I can see "IsPoolDriveGroup = True"


I can get a list of storage pools and their properties with:

Get-StoragePool -Serial $Serial | fl


And so I can see the RG / ComponentIDs associated with a pool.


But there doesn't appear to be a way to query the componentIDs / RGs for their disks? Or to query the disks themselves for which RG they are a member of.


I know I was able to do this in previous versions of the adaptor (as I have saved the output), the output of Get-Drive used to list the HDP number in its output.


Does anyone know how to gather this information?