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OLAP Chart Wizard freezes

Question asked by Wolfram Broszies on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Virgilio Pierini


whenever I am trying to add data to a dashboard, the User Consule freezes and only shows the spinning wheel.


We are working with a freshly installed Pentaho Server:

To replicate:

  • create new Dashboard
  • select Datasources Panel
  • select OLAP Chart Wizard
  • select ANY available data source (Steel Wheels, sample_data)
  • Drag & Drop any one Dimension into Rows-Field
  • Drag % Drop any one Measures into Column Field

Problem also happens when we first pick a Column Field or implement our own datasource.

Problem persist on Mac and Windows

Problem persits on Firefox, Chrome (User Console doest load at all) and IExplorer


Might we have forgotten some crucial installation stel? All I did was downloading the server and unzipping it on the VM. What am I missing?


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