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How many facets can I get from a search request?

Question asked by Thorsten Simons Employee on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Yury Kats

Given I have an index holding entries for millions of objects. Main criteria is the object's basename (for example: myfile.txt), w/o path. I have configured the field as facet-able. Most likely, due to the structure of the data, I have tens of thousand facets (objects having the same basename).


I use a search query to get a list of my facets:


q = {"indexName": "XYZ",

   "queryString": "HCI_filename:*",

   "offset": 0,

   "itemsToReturn": 0,

   "facetRequests": [{"fieldName": "HCI_filename",

   "minCount": 2,

   "maxCount": -1,

   "type": "string"


r ='{}://{}:{}/api/search/query/'

   .format(self.scheme, self.hci,,



I always get exactly 100 facets as a return, but I definitely know that I do have much more.

As there is no paging for the facets (as far as I can see) - how do I get a list of all my facets?