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Saiku analytics plugin - incorrect sorting order

Question asked by B492O4WY on Jan 19, 2018


i have a problem with sorting my data in saiku Analytics plugin.


I have customers (dimension) with sales orders (count measure) in the years (dimension) 2015, 2016, 2017

I want to show the count of orders with the customers in rows and the year in columns as a matrix.

I want to sort the customers descending by sales orders.


Without any filters I get something like this:

Customer/Year       2015          2016         2017

B                               20               5              60

A                                5               30               2

C                                1                2                5


That's correct. The customers are sorted by their orders as the complete sum over all 3 years.

Now, I want to filter the year, so that i only see the year 2016.

I also want to sort the customers by sales orders descending.


Then I get someting like this:

Customer       2016

B                        5

A                      30

C                        2


The sorting order stays the same.The customers are still sorted by the sum over all orders per customer.

It doesn't matter which year or how many years i have filtered and want to Show.


It's the same problem with all dimensions if they stay in the columns.

If i want to filter a dimension placed in columns i get a false sorting order.


If the year is also in rows, the sorting works fine.

Can anyone help? It's a bug oder can it be a problem in my mondrian schema?


Thanks a lot ...