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Status of AWS V4 Authentication support in HCP

Question asked by Aleksandr Rainchik on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Gaetano Bisaz


Does anyone know if AWS V4 is currently supported in HCP's HS3 implementation for object ingest?


There are two places where AWS V4 is mentioned in HCP's documentation:


1. Using the HCP HS3 API

Authorization header

To provide credentials for AWS V2 authentication using the Authorization header, you use this format:

Authorization: AWS access-key:signature In this format:

•access-key is the Base64-encoded username for your user account.

•signature is a value calculated using your secret key and specific elements of the HS3 request, including the date and time of the request. Your secret key is the MD5-hashed password for your user account. Because the signature for an HS3 request is based on the request contents, it differs for different requests.

For more information on signatures, see Signatures. For information on changing the password for your user account, see Changing your password.

Here’s an example of an Authorization header for AWS V2 authentication:

Authorization: AWS bGdyZWVu:vQ/rj3y0AUjWsht9M5aQw4+D0dA=

To provide credentials for AWS V4 authentication, see for more information.


2. HCP 7.3.1 Release Notes (customer) - Hitachi Vantara Knowledge


S3 signature V4

With release 7.2 of HCP, HCP introduces AWS Signature Version 4 signing process on inbound S3 gateways and S3 compatible storage components. With this enhancement HCP can tier to AWS regions created after January 30, 2014 including the eu-central-1 region. This protocol is more secure than the previous AWS Signature Version 2 signing process.


However, it looks like it's supported for outbound (HCP to Amazon S3) Cloud Tiering.


So, do we know if AWS V4 should work in HCP 7.3? 8.x?


Thank you!