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GBIC's and CHA's and Documentation

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 2, 2006
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Originally posted by: melvyboy


Now I have caught the bug I thought I would share some experiences and offer some feedback.

As we went through the process of replacing a CHA board on our production site this morning the foremost things on my mind are:

1) Phew, thank god for multipathing that works :-)
2) The diagnosis of the faulty GBIC was performed from the SAN switch end and not from the array end - is it possible to monitor the GBIC's on the CHA board and report issues back by way of the SVP or Storage Navigator?
3) What is the reasoning behind not making individual GBIC's field replaceable units?
4) Is there a standard documentation tool used by the gurus to keep track of the HDS configuration ie allocated LDEVs to LUN mappings to Veritas Disk Names, SI and TC configurations, etc? Our Excel spreadsheet is getting a bit too large to manage!

Thanks in advance

PS I hope this forum takes off as finding useful HDS info is difficult on the web and this seems like a more relaxing way to get info than the official sales route.