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How to run silent registration for multiple domains

Question asked by Ralf Buschmann on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Rajiv Garg

My customer has implemented a silent installation and now tries to run a silent registration. He put all necessary keys in the registry, only the "AWCliRegPreferredAuthProvider" key is empty. That seems to stop the silent registration with the following entry in the log file:

16-May 10:08:20 [INFO] [CNTRL] 0x1bf8 TryUnattendedRegistration: server and auth provider are not defined. Giving up.

With the reg keys identically configured, but setting "AttemptSilentRegistration" = 0, all popups during registration are correctly prefilled and it works.

When putting one domain, where a part of the users come from, in the key "AWCliRegPreferredAuthProvider", then it works also fine. But the customer has at least two domains!
Any idea how to configure this to run it successfully with "AttemptSilentRegistration" = 1 ?

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