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Passing parameters between dashboards (using RequireJS)

Question asked by Glupe Registracije on Jun 12, 2018



I have created a Filter Dashboard that is consisted with two dates, from and to.

Then, I have created two Dashboards, let’s say Dashboard1 and Dashboard2 in which I have added Dashboard component with Filter Dashboard (RequireJS is turned on in all dashboards).

Everything works as expected, by using Dashboards 1 & 2 with embedded Filter Dashboard.


Now I would like to add a functionality for jumping from one dashboard to another to the Filter Dashboard. I have dilemma how to do it. After extending Filter dashboard with two buttons Dashboard1 and Dashboard2, I am considering these options:

  1. Create one master dashboard that will in each row have embedded Filter, Dashboard1 and Dashboard2 (three rows) by using Dashboard component. Execute at start for Dashboard2 will be set to False. When user clicks on Dashboard2 button, I will hide Dashboard1 and show Dashboard2.
    1. Cons
      1. Will this master page be to slow because it could consist of many components and data sources?
  2. For two dates on Filter Dashboard set Bookmarkable property to true, and then by using buttons create url that will pass parameters to another dashboard (as explained on Dashboard1 & 2 will embed Filter Dashboard.
    1. Cons
      1. I have to deal with encoding/decoding parameters from url


I don’t see any other option. What is recommended solution if RequireJS is turned on?