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snmpwalk of the SVP

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 20, 2006
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


I am now the proud owner of a USP 1100 (after much begging from management) and being in a secure location, I am unable to use a Hi Track call home facility.  So, I am using Tivoli Netview to "manage" the SVP so traps etc, can be used to alert our operators of any issues with the array.  I have loaded the mib so it looks good to me but not necessarily to anybody else.

SNMP is turned on in the SVP and I can do an snmpwalk of the SVP.  The people who put the system together said they could cause events to be created and it would spit out SNMP traps but so far, I cant see anything.

When I snmpwalk the SVP, I see entries that makes sense such as disks, fans, etc.  As it is still brand new, I have not had a disk failure yet so I am not sure the traps work or not.

The disk entry in the snmpwalk has noError agains the OID.  Does that mean that if a disk (or fan or power supply) fails, the noError will change to something else?  If so, what will it change to and if the part is replaced, will it revert back to noError?

I hope that makes sense to some one out there.