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ShadowImage problem

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 30, 2006
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Originally posted by: PhiREflY

I have an Oracle DB that I am changing platforms with and I am having an issue with SI.  This DB is a TC S-VOL and I am trying to create pairs for a SI so the TC S-VOL will be the SI P-VOL and on the SI S-VOL side they will be TC P-VOLS to get to another host.  When I issue the paircreate  I get the following error:

paircreate: [EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected
Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log0/horcc_vaathmr089.log) for details.

And the log file says the following:

COMMAND ERROR : EUserId for HOMRCF : root (0)  Mon Oct 30 13:31:55 2006
CMDLINE : paircreate -g p590oraprop_r10 -d p590disk262 -vl -c 15
13:31:56-5b307-13781- ERROR:cm_sndrcv[rc<0 from HORCM]
13:31:56-63f80-13781- [paircreate] L_CMD(CREATEPAIR) ERROR :rc = -35
13:31:56-66e5a-13781- [paircreate][exit(221)]
[EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected
[Cause ]: An order to the command(control) device failed,or was rejected.
[Action]:Please confirm the following items.If this trouble doesn't resolve,then collect HORCM error
logs(HORCM_LOG=/HORCM/log0/curlog) and trace data,and send them to service personnel.
(1) Check if the 'HORC or HOMRCF function' is installed in the RAID.
(2) Check if the RCP and LCP are installed in the RAID.
(3) Check if the path between the RAID CUs is established by using the SVP.
(4) Check if the pair target volume is an appropriate status.

SI is setup on the array, these disks were SI P-vols for a different SI I had running last week.  I split them to SMPL and changed the configs to point to a different set of disks in the same array and now the pairs won't create.  On the S-VOL host, I and getting WARNINGS in the HORCM STARTUP LOG.  they are as follows:

12:14:20-135eb-1042865MON(HORC):WARNING(LDEV linked) :p590oraprop_r10, p590disk262, unit#0,ldev#773,
mu#0 and lexqa_oraprop, lexqadisk262, unit#0,ldev#773,mu#0

I get a warning for each disk in the group and it looks like it is just informing me that the disks belong to 2 groups which I know and that is ok.  The one groups is the SI and the other is the TC.  the TC is already established but Split.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.